To Invent

I just need a place to jot down reminders of things I want to invent someday. Sorry I can’t spell them out at all; I’m too paranoid about my ideas being stolen. :O

  • Glasses (came up with this idea in elementary school, but by high school it had been invented by someone else)
  • Time app (I’ve written copious notes on how I want it to work)
  • Umbrella (already got invented exactly as I pictured, by PLEMO)
  • Bed sheets (for real! I’ve got to check and see if this has been invented, because if not, it would be brilliant)
  • Menstrual cup (I have a great idea that I think a lot of ladies would appreciate)
  • Menstrual cup (I have another great idea I think could be fantastic)
  • Specific piano tuner (“Peter”‘s idea & absolutely BRILLIANT)

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