Log: Apr 23 (Thu) Music Night

Apr 23 (Thu): Work 11:15a – 6:00p, Music Practice with “Peter” 6:30p

Bad picture as I was getting out my music

Bad picture as I was getting out my music

I woke up ill with a flu, but feeling slightly better than the day before. I also suspect I have the first yeast infection of my life. (WTF is wrong with my body?!) I don’t think I’d even increased my sugar intake recently.

Anyway, it was difficult to get out of bed, but I made it to work. I brought all of my belongings for Music Practice and overnight just in case I decided I felt well enough for Music Practice. Work was easy — I had few tasks given to me. Whew. (Usually I prefer being busy, but not when I don’t feel well.) I decided to go ahead to Music Practice (after discussing my illness with “Peter” and checking to see if they wanted to be exposed to new germs or not).

We ate out and the food was good but I accidentally ordered something much too spicy for me…but that’s allegedly supposed to be healthy when you’re sick, so I kept eating it and sweating a lot. Then we practiced music and stopped by 9:30p, and the new neighbors didn’t even have to bang on the wall to tell us to stop. (I still think they should have asked us if we have a CD available.)

I had a stomach ache and difficulty sleeping, so I took some medicine around 1:30a. A lot of medicines. I took some Gas-X (my second time trying it). I took some pain medicine. And I took 0.5mg of lorazepam, because I had no clonazepam with me. I also inserted a dry mouth tablet into my cheek because my nose was too stuffed to breathe out of it. Altogether, it worked and I slept like a rock. Today’s Mood Ranking: 3.5 – 5.5 (dropped to a 3.5 when I got really upset/anxious over AGAIN being sick)