Weaning off Lexapro: Day 7

Water's surface on a gray day

Water on a gray day


  • 15mg Lexapro, norm. thyroid meds
  • Multivite, fish oil capsule
  • Hardly any exercise (walking)


  • NOT IN A TALKATIVE MOOD except with my boyfriend
  • VERY tired

I cannot be sure if my mood and exhaustion are from the withdrawal or from my period starting.

I’m not sure I can handle this weekend. Tonight, a friend was over and my bf, myself, and the friend ate out together. Tomorrow, there is a dinner party here with bf’s mom’s friends. It is so hard to distance myself from helping with cooking in times like this. But I do not want to help cook. I would chew off my limb to avoid cooking. Then on Sunday, another dinner party, this time w/my bro and his gf. I need to pick up some things for it. My bf wants to make cookies rather than me purchase something, but he’s injured right now and I’m too damn tired to make cookies. I know I will be cleaning the whole downstairs before the dinner party; that doesn’t bother me. If I’m asked to help with cooking, though, it will be one more inflation to my balloon body that is already set to explode.

I just need to re-adjust my thinking. Remember, it’s “the holidays”. They’re supposed to be stressful. It’s not all relaxing and fun and games and sacred, peaceful moments of thoughtful reflection and prayer, like when you were a child (I was very spiritual although nobody else in my family was or knew).

Log: Jul 11 – 15 (Sat – Wed) SLEEP DEPRIVATION

Jul 11 (Sat): BBQ!!! Family
Jul 12 (Sun):
Music in the park
Jul 13 (Mon):
Jul 14 (Tue):
 Therapy 8:30a; Work 10:30a – 2:30p; Primary care dr appt 3:30p;
Jul 15 (Wed): Work

The following image shows my actual sleep logs. I’ll give you a hint: Dark blue means you’re not flailing around. Light blue means I’m restless/moving/waking up. Pink means I got up to pee for the fourth time or just moved around even more than the regular light blue moments. The number on the right is the amount of dark blue I totaled for the night. So it thinks I slept soundly for a total of 4 hr and 13 minutes last night.

My Recent Sleep Logs

My Recent Sleep Logs

Saturday: FAMILY AND FRIENDS BBQ at my aunt & uncle’s place. MUCH FUN. Stayed up way too late. Actually, come to think of it, I stayed up talking with Peter until 4:30 am. After the BBQ, much chatting around and some amateur dancing, Peter and I went to bed but I started talking, and ended up sharing some of my childhood baggage and it lasted a long time. SLEEP DEFICIT CONTINUES.

Sunday: My herpes patch on the side of my nose returned (yeah, I never bothered to write about the first one in the first place. Rest assured, I now get oral herpes on the side of my nose. This is the second batch now).

But in cooler news, we did something really awesome with Peter’s folks at a park. It involved music. I unfortunately can’t be more specific. But really cool. We then had dinner with them and got back to Peter’s place very late. SLEEP DEFICIT CONTINUES.

Monday: Work. I can’t recall it very well now. I doubt I had many tasks. I think I got a few other chores done. Normally I stay Monday nights at my aunt & uncle’s house, so I can get to therapy first thing in the morning, but Peter and his roommate had finally chosen the day we were going to try the nearby Indian restaurant and I had been planning on joining them for two weeks (without a day chosen), so I decided to attend and Peter and I would just have to get up Tuesday morning at 6 am.

So we did. And the dinner was really good and I got to get to know his roommate just a tiny bit better (although I still understand him very little).

What came out of the blue was that one of Peter’s old friends from college years was in town and could meet at 10 pm. So we got back from dinner around 9 pm. I went immediately to the bed and crashed there, not sure if I’d try to join or not (I want to see how Peter is around his friends; that was a big eye-opener with my ex, so it’s important to me). So I tried to go into my “power-saving” mode for a while. I drifted in and out of sleep but also got heartburn since I laid down so soon after eating much Indian food. Then, between 10:30 and 11pm, the friend ended up having to cancel anyway, but by then I had insomnia and took extra time getting ready for bed, doing stretches, putting away a few of my things, etc. SLEEP DEFICIT WORSENS.

Tuesday: We had to get up early (well, *I* had to, and Peter chooses to join me, which I really appreciate). I was going to have to leave the apartment at 7:15am at the LATEST to make it to therapy on time. Somehow, this was accomplished, and it even involved eating breakfast with Peter (he made it while I got ready, which takes me ever so much longer than him). I skipped my shower for it.

I made it to therapy. I can’t say it was perhaps the most productive ever. I was crabby and didn’t want to discuss one of my more recent posts, which was about things I want to do, like the music and such, because that is overly personal for me. I can’t explain why I’m fine typing it here, but it’s nobody else’s business what’s inside of me for that. I suspect I’m just crabby from being tired. So then there was a lot of silence and I fell asleep like five times. Lovely.

Work… It was not busy. I don’t recall what I did, if anything. I drank a large mug of coffee.

I left work early for an appointment with my primary care doctor. I got my mandatory TB test, and I also discussed my sudden increase in acne and some other things I haven’t mentioned on here. She noticed my “rash” near my nose and asked if I wanted a swab for herpes… I said what’s the point. We both know it’s the oral herpes virus (which I blood-tested positive for last month, along with 80% of the rest of the population). She agreed it looked like it. I said I don’t want to spend any more money. It’s a pretty damn safe bet that it’s the herpes. She cautioned me not to kiss or anything, even though it’s up by my nose. Apparently my lips could be shedding the virus anyway. I wish I’d known that four weeks ago.

Oh, also, I’m going to be going down slightly on the my thyroid medicine. The last two bloodtests indicated that my thyroid levels are just touch high. In light of the bloodwork as well as recent heart palpitations and an inability to sleep, we’re going to try lowering the thyroid a touch. If it backfires, back up I’ll go. She wanted me to get bloodtested AGAIN first, but I pointed out that she’d already done a second test and it had showed the same upward trend as the previous. I can’t keep getting tested every time I have an appointment. I’m $900 in the red already this month. Thankfully, she agreed to lower the dose and I’ll get re-tested in six weeks.

So then I got back to Peter’s place and I pet one of the cats for a short time. Then I cooked some plain pasta. Then I waited for Peter to get home so we’d go to the grocery store and get some vegetables. I don’t recall the details, but we talked a lot when he first got home, so we didn’t end up leaving for the store immediately. Dinner took a while since all I’d done in advance was cook plain pasta noodles. He made up a bunch of fancy, delicious food to go with it. I washed spinach and carrots and sliced them up, although in the end he wasn’t in the mood for a salad. It’s funny, but he and I have pretty different eating tastes, I think. The things he could live on, I consider “rare treats”. The things I could live on, he would eat sparingly in the same way. But since we’re both contributing (as much as my exhaustion is allowing me right now), it’s working out just fine, IMO.

I’m too exhausted to continue pursuing the horse front right now. Sell my horse where she is, or bring her to me. If I bring her to me, I pay extra money each month, get to ride her on a beach and have SO MUCH FUN I can’t even picture it, but in the end should sell her anyway because of the continual drain on money. Financially, I should sell her where she is. But I’m too tired to allow myself any decisions on the topic right now. It’s on PAUSE.

So I got upset over something while at the grocery store yesterday. I’ll put it this way. He was super hungry and I was super exhausted by the time we were shopping. I was contemplating toothpaste ingredients and said out loud that I couldn’t remember for sure, but I thought maybe it was the SDS that I was allergic to, and he said he doubted that because that’s a foaming agent that’s in tons and tons of things. So I looked it up online and read some things listed as the common allergens in toothpastes and read some aloud and he said he felt like the website was just choosing any large word people wouldn’t recognize and say that that would be the allergen (he has a very chemist-y background and knows the chemical formulas and other names for each ingredient and their mechanisms of action and such). So I felt there was no point in continuing to speak on that topic so I asked if we could just change the topic. We did and I was able to perk up, but deep down I was stressed about it. He tried apologizing later if he’d come off cranky. But really, I’m so exhausted, everything everyone says to me right now is coming out looking BLACK and negative.

So after dinner, I just needed some Me time. I told him to just ignore me for the rest of the evening/night, and I was going to do the cleanup that night and plug in to my phone and just zone out into my own little world. That’s what I did. I cleaned up all the dishes and counters and stovetop and whatnot and listening to beautiful music and just ignored the whole world and it was wonderful. But what I really need is some fucking SLEEEEEEP. So, all that zoning out got me to a pretty late part of the evening/night. I’m starting to fall apart, I’m so tired. I took 1 mg of clonazepam and I feel like it helped a tiny bit. TOO LITTLE SLEEP.

Wednesday: I had SUCH a hard, painful time getting up again. I’m at work. I got done what I needed to get done. I could probably leave now and not miss anything, but I’d better just stay, especially since I won’t have an income soon. I still feel grouchy.


Log: Jul 4 – Jul 6 (Sat – Mon) Social Days

Jul 4 (Sat): Unknown;
Jul 5 (Sun): Unknown;
Jul 6 (Mon): Work;

Will Ferrell picture, says: Sometimes I use big words I don't always fully understand in an effort to make myself sound more photosynthesis.

Look, it’s me! Haha.

Saturday: I believe Peter & I went to my workplace to see if his book got left behind there, but no. 😥 We went to my aunt & uncle’s house, and I picked up some items. I also sought out my uncle who was tending the garden, and I told him about my Fall 2015 school plans. It went over all right, it seemed! Whew. Then Peter and I went to his mom’s house and had BBQed food. (I still have some issues of feeling incredibly stupid around his parents, because they exchange so much knowledge all the time, which is awesome, but I have nothing to add because I don’t read articles or news like they do. They deal in facts, supported by solid references. I learn a ton listening to them, but I’m basically silent. It’s like listening to really passionate Economics, Microbiology, Social Studies, Political, Worldly lectures. I mean, on Sunday night, his dad is silent at his computer for a while, and then looks up and says, “I think I just came up with a cure for [insert name of rare disorder here].” And he’s not joking. That’s what he does for his work, is help find cures for rare diseases and disorders. And then can explain it all the way down beyond the cell level.) We got back to Peter’s place by 11:30p and then I went up onto the roof to watch for fireworks (there were some).

Sunday: Lazy morning. I’m talking, I didn’t get out of bed until my lunchtime alarm went off at 12:45p. I haven’t been sleeping well again. We made a breakfast/lunch, and then Peter practiced piano and I decided to scrub some parts of the kitchen that I wasn’t convinced were free of possible raw meat juices from previous meals. That took a while. Then we went with Peter’s folks to a family friends’ kids’ birthday party. And I do mean plural on the birthday kids. There were 3 birthdays being celebrated. The twins just turned 2 and the older kid must have turned 13. There were a lot of younglings there of very varying age ranges. We were there until quite late. The kids were fun but I was on quite a bit of stimulus-overload by the time we got back home. I needed some quiet time to myself but it was too late at night. So I went to bed but knew I couldn’t possibly fall asleep, so I listened to a soothing song that one of YOU WordPressers introduced me to. I had it on repeat until about midnight, and then was able to sort of drift off to sleep (well, I’d accidentally consumed some lactose during the party dinner, so the gas wasn’t helping me fall asleep).

The song: https://youtu.be/O5x57-TusWA

Monday: Got up and made it to work early. Paid a medical bill. My acne is out of control (has been for days). I have so much on my mind.

  • Locate school books (buy or rent)
  • Apply for student work study for Friday mornings
  • Submit claims forms to insurance
  • Pay 2nd medical bill
  • Locate cheap shelving unit
  • Get rid of the clothes I want to give back to good will
  • Find home for my horse, who has lived in a different state from me for a year
  • Sell my car, I guess. Maybe.

Mass Mood Ranking: 4 – 5.1

Log: Jun 23 – 29 (Tue – Mon) Grandma’s Death and a Bar Mitzvah

Jun 23 (Tue): @ Grandma’s
Jun 24 (Wed): @ Grandma’s
Jun 25 (Thu): @ Grandma’s
Jun 26 (Fri): Fly back from Grandma’s by 10a; Fly to Peter’s cousin’s place at night
Jun 27 (Sat): Peter’s cousin’s bar mitzvah
Jun 28 (Sun): Peter’s cousin’s place; Fly back home in afternoon
Jun 29 (Mon): Work 9:30a – 5:30p; Go to Uncle’s after work

Tue, Wed, Thu: With my grandma, my mom, two aunts, two uncles, and a cousin (briefly). I’m not posting TW’s because I think the title is clear: I was there again because my grandma was dying. I was there for my own sense of closure and saying goodbye as well as wanting to commiserate with my family and be of any support for them as possible. I suppose I won’t go into too much detail here but hospice was involved so we were able to help take away Grandma’s pain and take care of her there at my aunt’s house. My grandma was much more at peace there, and always surrounded by love. Some family issues came up; two siblings had a pretty severe blow-up and might not speak with each other for many years to come. Let me rewind. Also, my aunts and uncles helped me to pick out an outfit for the upcoming Bar Mitzvah, because I left all of my formal clothes back Home (with my parents and dog). I talked to my grandma or just sat near her, and each day I played some gentle piano music for her. She was in a state similar to a coma but not quite; she did respond in certain ways when we would talk to her and stroke her arm or forehead. Her eyes would blink although closed, and her mouth would close, and her breathing would steady a little. She could definitely hear us although there is no way of knowing what she could comprehend; the hospice nurses said her brain was also starting to shut down.

Fri: Left there in the morning, flew back here. Leaving there was hard. I did not want to leave. I would not have left but for the $600 plane ticket that Peter had already purchased for me. So I did decide to leave. I said my goodbyes to Grandma on Thursday night and reinforced them again on Friday morning before leaving. She’s been basically in a coma or maybe a morphine-induced fog, but there were things I wanted to say. So then I flew. Got back here, napped and packed for my flight with Peter and his dad for Peter’s cousin’s Bar Mitzvah. We left that night.

Sat: Arrived on Saturday morning. Met Peter’s paternal family. Everyone was nice. I rested a bit (hadn’t been able to sleep on the plane that night; my restless leg syndrome was being severe AND every time I started to nod off, I would jerk awake with horrible, horrible OCD intrusive thoughts). Then it was time to get dressed and ready for the Bar Mitzvah. It was really nice. I haven’t been to any before this, but I am sure it was a really nice one. The cousin’s speech was really interesting; I’d been afraid I wouldn’t be able to relate to it because I don’t know much about the religion, but he did a wonderful job and I felt very connected to what they were talking about. Of course, I didn’t know to expect a prayer/words for those mourning loved ones’ deaths near the end, so I cried and had no tissue for my snotty nose. Afterward, the reception/ceremony was pretty amazing. There was an open bar and catered food that was really good. There was mandatory dancing and I liked that. Then Peter and I danced to many of the rest of the songs anyway, although neither of us knows any dance moves. So we basically were just shuffling our feet in random ways, but it was fun. I hope a relative sends a picture so I can show my parents (pictures were allowed during this part). They’d LOVE to have seen it.

Sun: So, we left Sunday, early afternoon, after they had a bunch of family photos taken and more chatting and celebration. I got to talk with more, very nice relatives. Peter was asked to play piano for ambiance again. Then we had to leave. Flew back, said goodbye to Peter’s dad, dropped off our stuff at Peter’s place and went out to eat dinner. It was really good food. Then went to a store for a couple of supplies and that’s when my mom called me that my grandma had passed away.

She had been without food or water for a week already, and hardly eaten or drank for a long time before then. It hurts but at the same time, there was an element of relief for me. She died very peacefully, not like her husband, who struggled at the very end. My grandma’s breathing was becoming more infrequent and then at last she did not inhale again. She had waited until the family was back from a walk and they were all with her, and I’m glad for that. But it’s hard not to be there with them now. But I cannot go back right now; a coworker was getting anxious about my absence because of a large, important report that he needs me to print + bind shortly. I was hoping he’d give it to me today and then I could consider leaving again later in the week, but it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen today.

I had worried so long, SO, SO long, about how my mom would not be able to live on without her mom. I thought she’d be lost forever once her mom died. But it turns out, and so I think I needed to have been there and seen with my own eyes, my mom will pull through this. I saw it. She even helped with some of the night shift medicating. Reality turns into the New Norm and she is adjusting to it. I imagine it helped her too, to see Grandma during this stage of her decline. So there was this chance to see and to adjust and to live differently. I underestimated her. I guess we will all adjust to the New Norms as they happen, and I needn’t have worried so much for so many years. We deal. We handle it. We let our mental expectations change as the reality changes. We adapt.

Mon: I woke up in a pretty severe, serious mood. No joking, just taking everything very serious and saying very serious things. In contrast, I think Peter woke up in a light mood, and our conversation this morning was confusing and I’ve already written him for further clarification. I’m at work. I briefly saw my uncle. I’m going to go to his place after work today, and I’m going to watch a stupid movie with him (we’ve already planned it). He was one of the siblings involved in the blow-out and there are certain topics we’ll avoid discussing, but I’ll be glad to be with him. I talked with my mom for a while last night when she called to tell me the news about Grandma, and then I called my dad and talked with him for a while, although he and I mostly talked about my dog. I needed to talk with family. I texted with my brother some, too. ❤

UPDATE: I’ve been in a shitty, shitty mood all day today. I’ve just gone on a 2+ mile walk in the sun and I’m STILL in a shitty, shitty mood. That’s how bad it is.

Today = FAIL

Flowering Tree

Flowering Tree (yesterday)

I lost all of my progress today. I didn’t mean to and I’m not depressed or moody in the slightest. I’m perfectly neutral and stable feeling.

But I slept the entire day. I woke up around 2pm and I got up cheerfully enough and got all dressed up for my planned bicycle ride. I took my meds (super late) and ate breakfast. Then, I just felt so damn tired, I layed down for a minute. And didn’t wake up again until 6pm when dinner was ready.

Well, y’all know I had not slept much last night, with insomnia until well after 4am. *I suspect the tea I was served late last night may have been caffeinated.* But come on! I don’t remember waking up at all once I fell asleep. I wish I could go back to sleep right now. I’ve only been awake for 3 hours now! I worked out a little bit using a Body Blade, so I an at least not atrophy from having been horizontal for nearly 24 hours straight.

When my uncle saw me at 6pm, he asked me if he needed to take me to a doctor. He was dead serious. I said I felt okay, I just didn’t sleep well last night and was very tired. He asked if he should take me to a doctor tomorrow morning. I said, I see my therapist tomorrow morning and I see my primary care doctor on Wednesday for my full physical check-up. He said yeah but what about seeing my primary care doctor TOMORROW morning. I am not sure if he was angry or just very concerned. Since he wouldn’t let it go, I got nervous, but then my aunt stepped in and tried to smooth it all over so I think it is okay now. I certainly didn’t mean to sleep all day. I was 100% ready and planning on my bike ride in the sun. I just hadn’t known where to go yet. Maybe that’s why I let myself lay down when I did. Oh, well. I’m going to make myself stay awake for at least another hour but then will just go back to bed. I have to get up early tomorrow anyway.

Today’s update

Composting wormies!

Composting wormies from VD! As promised for DBP!

I’m saying “today” but technically I mean yesterday. It’s 3:30am and I just can’t sleep. I’ve even taken 1mg of clonazepam but there’s no chance. So, I’m just going to write and read for a while. I have some somewhat soothing music playing now too. –Cut for the boring-as-hell-ness of it.–

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Tongue biopsy results came back negative! (Good news!) (Journal#060)

I saw the oral surgeon for my check-up today, and he gave me my biopsy lab results!!! It was all good news!!!

It was not HPV, it was not fungal, and there was no detected malignancy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It was keratin. Excess keratin growing on my tongue for an unknown reason. Something I am doing has caused irritation on that part of my tongue and somehow triggered that. So that’s that!!! So I get to play experimenter and try to find out what worsens it and what lessens it (it’s not supposed to come back until the hole in my tongue is healed).

So now I don’t mind posting pictures of the tongue growth for anyone who is curious? (I love seeing this kind of thing, personally, but I won’t post unless SOMEONE else indicates interest. Then I’ll post, but hide it behind a “read more” button. 😀

KICK-ASS DAY! (Journal#004)


Flowers I bought for the dinner party

Last night was actually my first ever party! I don’t mean just a dinner party, but I guess I mean a party with some altered states of being (i.e. drunk), loud music, people dancing and being crazy, doing things that would be considered embarrassing the next day. I HAD SO MUCH FUN.

It included myself, my mom, my brother, my uncle and two cousins. My mom will drink a glass or two max, and I only drank a tiny bit. In advance of this party, I had told myself it would be okay to get wasted, but then when last night came, I didn’t drink a drop until after dinner, and then only had a little– just enough to feel it but no more. The reason is because I’m so scared of it making me depressed for 4 days after I drink, like what has happened in the past.

The rest of them had plenty and the dancing was so much fun, and the singing, and the music, and just being a part of something I’ve only ever heard about before. My cousins just make everything so POSITIVE and UPBEAT. My mom went to bed first, and after a while other people started falling asleep. I was still wide awake but eventually went to bed too, around 3:30a.

SO the start of the dinner party was a bit shaky for me. I hid a lot, out of sight. I visited the new gal (dog) a lot. There were SO many people. But eventually clicked in with a group of the people there. And we got to go on a walk afterward, about 10 of us!!! And I got to lead the new gal (dog in previous post’s picture). I’m just going to call her Maddy although that’s not her name. I’m so in love with Maddy!!!!!

Anyway, so now a bunch of us are going to go on a beautiful walk! And I’m NOT DEPRESSED EVEN THOUGH I HAD ALCOHOL LAST NIGHT. And I’m going to get to bring Maddy. ❤ Their other dog is still in the hospital, having so many tests run. It’s scary. Nobody knows what’s wrong with him still. But I hear his temperature is much lower today, so that sounds promising!

It’s going to be a kick-ass day today!

Update: So, it was a great day. The walk took hours, Maddy was SUCH a good girl, and I got to alternate talking with the three other people with me. We took another walk this evening, and my feet are very sore now. The only blip at all was that at one point, somehow That Topic got brought up, and my mood INSTANTLY crashed. I almost cried. This, after and during a WONDERFUL day. Is it just my jealousy/feeling left out? Is it just because what was supposed to be ‘our’ thing became yours alone? Or is there more? Because my reaction is insane in its strength. Is it partly because you have started to try and control my actions in This Topic? Oh, well. I will be putting an end to the topic soon. I almost did today but we were interrupted. I’ll just request to never speak of it again. I think that at this point, my reaction is too intense to be reconciled. I’ll need to just avoid in order to keep my mood stable.

BUT I no longer feel alienated from you. You talked to me about the antidepressants last night, and I feel secure again that you respect me. Everything feels at peace now. Of course there are a million loose ends and things in progress, but when you respect me, I feel like I can handle anything.

These have been good days. I’ll definitely miss my mom and my brother’s presence. I might see my brother again soon, but I don’t know when I’ll see my mom again. Or my dad, who couldn’t make this visit. And definitely not my dog. I miss him to the core but he lives a very happy, loved life with my parents.

Today’s Goals: Party prep and stable mood (Goals#008)(Journal#003)

Halloween Dog

Halloween Dog

Today I have already:

  • Spent time with my mom
  • Done a LOT of walking (in the rain!)
  • Found a “tail” for my costume that is actually a dog toy and will be given to the dogs later
  • The older dog is very, very sick today and is with the vet. I spent some time with the new gal. I brought her a huge rawhide to keep her occupied by herself, too.
  • Admittedly, I bought the dogs witches hats for Halloween. I know the other dog won’t be home in time, but I’m assuming he’ll be okay by next Halloween. Also, once I’m done wearing my mask tonight, I’m just going to put on one of the witches hats myself. 😉 The mask is not comfortable, but was a gift to me from my brother.

Goals for the rest of today:

  • Vacuum main level …SUCCESS
  • Relocate any of my stuff that’s still on main level …SUCCESS, I think
  • Sweep garden walkways and front door areas …DID GARDEN WALKWAYS
  • Wipe down kitchen counters and main table …FAIL
  • Don’t get jealous later in the evening, especially when you and my brother plan to get wasted and have already indicated that I’m not invited to the upper floor at that point. But I know my brother needs your attention
  • Remember that I can count on you guys; I don’t need to feel left out at any potential points tonight
  • Work with the new gal again on “down” …ENDED UP WORKING WITH HER AND A GENTLE LEADER (nose halter) INSTEAD [I love her so much already, but am SO allergic]


  • Expect to be in the background somewhat during the party. There will be a LOT of people (17+).
  • My brother is jealous of me again right now, so I really want him to have more of the spotlight tonight. He needs the attention. I get to be here all the time now, and am somewhat stable, usually. He has recently gone through a horrible time in his life and doesn’t really know what he’s doing and blames the world for a lot of shit. If I could help him understand how amazing he is, I would. He COULD have everything going for him — he’s smart enough, has the social skills, the looks, the charisma, etc. He’s even got the high paying job. But he has an inner darkness that eats at him and tells him he’s no good and he gets self destructive.
  • I talked with my mom a lot today. We were walking together. I think it was all positive. I think she almost cried once when I told her how I no longer have time for people who think depression is just the sign of a weak mind. I think she was glad to hear I’m not taking these comments personally. But I also hope I didn’t scare her by mentioning depression at all. Actually, she brought it up because You told her I needed off the antidepressants. (Which of course I want, but I’m not ready for that yet. My therapist AND my new family practice doctor both think I need to stay on them for now). But I’m getting there. I’ll get there.
  • I love you. I don’t know why, but I feel a lot of love for all of you right now, total strangers I’ll never hear from and never meet. And I really appreciate that anybody might have the time to be listening to my ramblings.
  • He got upset by the gentle leader and the only reason I didn’t cry was that I was trying so hard to maintain in front of my mom. But really I was kind of crushed when you came over and unclipped it when I’d bought it and had it on her already. I knew you wouldn’t like it. I guess it’s my fault for not mentioning it ahead of time. But pup’s neck has a cut on it so I didn’t want to use the normal collar because she pulls so hard sometimes. Truthfully, I was hoping you just wouldn’t notice it and everything would be okay (i.e. conflict-free). I hate conflicts.