THE TIME CAPSULE 22 year old innards!

HAHAHA It was better than expected and worst than expected!! It was extremely hilarious but completely wrong.

First of all, the carefully wrapped package in my little, child handwriting remained in tact… But inside, there was a letter that read, in full-page, capital, outlined letters: YOU SUCK. And then, “just jokin’,’ at the bottom. The entire letter was written in my brother’s handwriting, allegedly in his 9th grade year. It was directed at two people I don’t believe I have ever known, and was a letter scolding them for having played horrible music in MY presence! (?!) Dr. Dre, apparently. Then there was a cassette tape cover of Dr. Dre, but the tape inside was a strange boy’s voice reading the letter.

My brother and I got to listen to it together and we laughed and laughed and both have no recollection of this at all whatsoever. Who WERE these people being scolded? Why did he not want me listening to Dr. Dre? Why was this given to my mom and set to be opened in 2015??? IT’S BEEN TUCKED AWAY FOR 22 YEARS!!!!!

More importantly, what happened to the REAL time capsule I’d given my mom to put away? Even my brother thinks it seems as though he must have taken mine out, probably thrown it all away, and replaced it with this.

HAHAHA Gawd did we all laugh. He says it was the worst time capsule ever. But so worth it, IMO. Everyone should leave their future peeps a time capsule. Have fun. Obviously it doesn’t have to be profound or even make sense to be good for a laugh some future day. ❤





Log: Apr 11 and 12 (Sat and Sun)

Apr 11 (Sat): Tree planting w/ “Peter” 9a @location

Apr 12 (Sun): Unknown; REST; Catch up on budgeting and some other chores

Baby Mallard Ducklings

Baby Mallard Ducklings

Did I violate my own rule about not seeing any one person too many days in a week? Possibly. Was it worth it? Yes.

On Saturday, “Peter” and I did the tree planting again. We biked to the meeting site. We actually only planted one tree, added some compost to a bunch of young trees, and our group leader fixed some of the stakes holding up young trees. Then “Peter” and I used loppers and a saw to cut up a lot of the trimmings that someone else had done. I don’t recall the rest of the day too clearly. We must have been on bikes? No, we dropped the bikes off at my aunt + uncle’s place, made ourselves a lunch, and then went out, aha!, on foot and train, to see about getting my laptop fixed. Alas, the store was too busy to help me, so instead we walked around town and visited a park with water. We got to see baby Mallard ducklings.

“Peter” spent the night, and I’m quite sure we woke up my aunt come morning, because she was quite touchy and I feel terribly guilty + anxious about it. I offered her eggs from what we were cooking for breakfast and she replied that all she wanted was solitude. Yipes. So we quietly continued to prepare for the day and then biked to get my thyroid prescription from the pharmacy while I ran a load of laundry. While there, someone obviously tried to take “Peter’s” bike – his lock was cut and some of the inner wires were snipped. Thankfully, they hadn’t made it all the way through. Good thing we had them double-locked as it was.

Then we came back to my aunt and uncle’s, I finished getting my stuff gathered, and we left for his city. We dropped off the bikes to his apartment, walked/trained to the computer store, inquired again about getting my laptop fixed, and this time I have made an appointment for Tuesday. So we are now planning a Music Practice evening this Tuesday, after I get my laptop fixed. Afterward, we went to his mom’s place, coordinated a food order, and then left on foot for a park. It was large and beautiful and I hadn’t expected the park to be how it was. We walked a lot (~17,500 steps), which isn’t quite enough for me to place it under a “hike” on my Goals page. Sunset over a small lake was beautiful. Oh! And I got to experience the bus system and another train system.

We ate with his parents and it got very late. I stayed the night at “Peter’s” apartment. It was interesting because the power went out and I hoped it was all across the city so the stars would be more visible, but instead when I went onto the deck, we got to meet a neighbor’s visitor from Denmark so that was interesting. “Peter’s” roommate also had a friend visiting.

It turned out that I had eaten some dairy last night with his folks, before I realized what I was eating, and so I had too much of a stomach ache to sleep well. Also, there was a lot of cat hair in “Peter’s” room because the cats like to go in there, so I had some coughing issues during the night. He might start keeping the cats out of his room during the day, so that when I stay over, it will be more of an allergen-free area for me.

Ice plant

Ice plant at sunset

“Peter” and I are trying to figure out what will end up being our first conflict. I think it has to happen and I’m rooting for it, so we can see how each other deals with conflict/differing opinions/etc. (Also, he says he has raised his voice when angry at times, so I want to see that in person so I can know if it’s something I can handle or not. I can’t picture it because he’s so gentle, but I’ve learned to believe it when people state what they’re capable of. My ex had warned me of his temper before we got married and I had dismissed it. I’ll never do that again. Granted he had NOT told me that he would break things when angry, but he did warn me that he had a bad temper.) My ex and I were incompatible for resolving conflicts with each other. He got defensive and then I got scared and withdrew and would never, ever bring up the topic again, under any circumstances. So “Peter” and I are trying to explore all of the potentially conflict-rich topics we can. It’s actually very challenging for me– I do not share my opinions on certain topics with anybody, such as abortion. But we explored that topic yesterday. We’ve explored each other’s religion already, too. That is a topic I never, one single time, ever mentioned to my ex. To this day, he still doesn’t know my religious beliefs, which is odd to think about. I also never, ever shared my personal view on abortion with him, although I knew his opinion. I’m such an avoider of conflict, but it’s kind of fun to approach things this way, *trying* to find what will start conflicts so we can see how we’ll resolve them with each other. I’m not going to stay over there tonight, and he’s no longer welcome to stay over on a work night with my aunt + uncle’s, but I will most likely stay over this Tuesday.

And for the sake of balance, I’ll spend tonight on other things. I’ll vacuum my aunt + uncle’s place, for instance. I should dust their main floor first, as well. I haven’t done that in a long time. Maybe I will read a book. Maybe I will sketch. I’ll do something I haven’t done in a while. Weekend’s Mood Ranking: 4-5-6-7