Comic: Accounting Student (Comic#040)

Celery and Sages Expense

Celery and Sages Expense

I think the funniest part is that I couldn’t even write “celery” without starting to write “salary.” Nooooooo!

Break Time! (Break#003)

The following 3 comics are by XKCD. You can click each comic to go to their site. It’s worth it. πŸ™‚

I literally used to walk as if I were a knight chess piece — typically 2 forward, 1 to the side. Literally.

Yes, please.


Really cute video of a golden retriever failing a recall command in an adorable way:

Fantastic link I want to study when I have more time:

A great news ‘article’, “Health Experts Recommend Standing Up At Desk, Leaving Office, Never Coming Back”:,37957/

A great moment in ‘history’ — Venus gets its first bronze plaque… haha “Venus Added To Registry Of Historically Significant Planets”,37928/

An odd, grammatically-correct sentence “Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo”:

Action: Go to the Google search engine. Type in “Do a barrel roll”. Watch what happens.

Comic: Where’s a cat when you need one??? (Comic#032)

 Someone get me a cat, STAT

Someone get me a cat, STAT

I PROMISED that I would sketch *something* tonight, to help get me started once again. This is pretty poor, but the goal was met… Thanks to a real life spider scenario. My GOD spiders grow big around here!!! ::shudder::

I like daddy long-legs. I like tarantulas. But ginormous, obviously radioactively-enhanced brown things with fangs bigger than my head? NOOOO. (I did NOT look closely enough to find its markings. I did the adult thing. I begged my uncle for help.)

YouTube = Snake game!!!! (Break#002)

Who knew about this???? Am I the last person to know about this????

  • Click to load a YouTube video
  • When you see the spinning gray dots, use your computer keyboard ARROW keys (left, right, up, down).
  • A dot will lead out of the circle in your chosen direction, now becoming a straight line
  • Keep your new “snake” from going off the screen and then….
  • …Notice the random dot in the center of the YouTube video
  • Make your snake go get it! Your snake becomes longer, and you have to chase a new dot
  • Don’t let your snake hit itself or go out of bounds.

I’m not kidding! YouTube loader is the old Snake game!!!

Comic: Good Luck Using A Curly Horse’s Mane For Balance! (Comic#024)

(I’m back for a sec– couldn’t leave on such a sad picture as the last one.)

Don't Grab A Curly By The Mane

Good luck using a Curly’s mane for balance!

Explanation: Many of the extreme Curly horses shed their manes and tails annually (some even shed body hair), if they’re lucky enough to grow tail hair at all, that is. On the best day, their mane hairs pull out quite easily. Many people grab their (non-Curly) horse’s manes to get on or to stabilize while riding, especially when riding bareback. If you try to balance yourself by grabbing a Curly’s mane while riding… Good luck. :o)