Mundane Update

I’m calling this a mundane update. I’d say that I normally only come on here when my emotions are high or out of whack or something’s eating me, etc.

But I logged in for a different reason this evening, and thought, perhaps I would go ahead and write. Because writing helps me stay stable.

And I feel completely stable at present. I.E. I normally wouldn’t be writing. So here I am.

I’ll give a day recap. I had a big exam this morning in computer programming. I hope it went okay; time will tell. Tutoring was really challenging because students from one of the other classes came in for emergency help (their exam is tomorrow) but it was from a class that hardly anyone asks for help for, so I don’t remember the content very well. And I hadn’t brought the right notes; I didn’t realize some of those classes were that far in the book. I don’t bring my full notes because they’re so heavy.

I actually went across town after school/work. That’s not my norm. But last night, I got an invite to dinner with my SO and some of his friends, one of whom I have met a couple of times now and I enjoy his company. So we went even though it was for a very late dinner and we only just got back a bit ago. It’s late. I’m super sleepy.

I’m getting over a virus. I had to take like a week off of school. I missed the exam review and the last bit of new info for it and everything! So I studied a lot this-past weekend.

Pokémon Go is pretty exciting right now. They re-balanced the gym prestige. And this week, or for a few days anyway, they’re running these crazy double-poké stop goodies and double (or more) spawn rates of critters. This is tied into my getting-over-my-virus because I finally feel a bit of energy returning so I’m probably going to go out on a Poké bike ride tomorrow after work, or at least a nice walk. I walked a tiny bit extra today, and it was really nice. The sunset was amazing.

I’m super, incredibly behind in my online school. Well, only a week or 2, but it feels like a lot. It’s because my current class is a writing-based class and I suck at writing papers. I have one I need to revise TOMORROW (I’m telling myself that) and then I need to write one more paper. Then I can move onto a different class, thank goodness.

Well, I’m incredibly sleepy beyond words, so goodnight. Voting is tomorrow here but I already voted.

End Of Semester (get it together!)

So it’s winding down to the final days of the semester. I was doing so well all semester until … approximately this month. Literally speaking, ever since I moved to a new location. So there’s something about the increased time it takes me to get to school that also increases my likelihood of not attending.

However, I’m trying to pull it together so as not to completely undo all of the progress I’d made during the semester. I’ve contacted my psychiatrist and having a listening ear was in itself extremely helpful. I’ve also scheduled an appointment with Disability Support Services for tomorrow. I want to make sure the counselor there knows what is happening for me and see if she has any suggestions.

I have a haircut appointment for tomorrow, so PERHAPS my self-cut will get fixed up. 🙂 Or it could make things worse!! I know nothing about this hair place except that I walk past it every day… But hopefully it won’t be terrible. I just really want a change. But I don’t know; with what I did the other day, there might be no hope until the front grows out more again.  (That was a “whoops” but it was fun.)

Let’s break this down. Tonight, I have just one goal: Accounting quiz that’s tomorrow. All I absolutely have to do tonight is the homework for tomorrow’s Accounting quiz. I’ve jogged, I’ve eaten. Now is the time for studying.

Wednesday, I will have just one thing I have to get done: My PPT presentation. I worked on it for a couple of hours the other day but I’m too much of a perfectionist and kept switching topics because I wasn’t satisfied. I think I’m going to switch topics again but I have a good idea. Also, I couldn’t figure out any kind of order, so I just had random slides and ideas all over and it was a big mess. Oh well, I’ll try again. But FIRST, Accounting homework for tomorrow. Later, everyone.

Log: Apr 15 (Wed)

Apr 15 (Wed): Work 10a – 6p

The day started at “Peter’s” apartment. I feel guilty but he cooked breakfast this morning. I mostly walked around in a dazed (exhausted) stupor after my shower, and gathered up my belongings. It was really good. We made it to the trains by a good time. So I made it to work by a good time. I rode my bike home. I now have 4 items left behind at “Peter’s” apartment: A toothbrush, deodorant, a skin moisturizer and my music stand. And his roommate has donated a bottle of Zyrtec to the cause, as well (I had forgotten mine once).

It was a fairly productive work day. I finished the coordinates issue entirely. YAY! Now I have another task that I didn’t complete today but will finish tomorrow. It’s nothing bad. I just have to mail out 126 unique envelopes of some flyer. I’m about 1/3 of the way done already. I just need to print out enough stamps and the return address labels. Yeah, you guys don’t need these details.

I’m tired. I’m exhausted. But at least I wasn’t anxious today. I have not eaten dinner, which is bad news. It means my mood will be fucked up tomorrow. I don’t want my mood to be fucked up tomorrow. But I don’t know what to eat. I don’t want any more of the canned salmon; it made me smell like salmon for the entire rest of the day last time I had it. If there are any eggs left, I could make myself an egg. If there is still the bag of pre-washed green beans I bought last week, I could eat those as well. It had directions on how to steam them in the microwave.

I’m behind in a lot of to-do’s. I guess I’ll go up and use my “Goals” page again, so I can see how many small tasks I’m behind on right now.

P.S. I’m writing this from my newly FIXED LAPTOP! Yay! Okay. So I’m going to write up my behind-tasks, I’m going to take a clonazepam to make sure I sleep well tonight & soon, and then I’ll eat a little food. And then if there’s time, I’ll do at least one task off of my list. Today’s Mood Ranking: 5