Log: Apr 22 (Wed) Sick again?!

Apr 22 (Wed): Work 11:00a – 5:30p, Earth Day, Chores, Practice music, Make bicycle shop appt



Today, I worked. It wasn’t busy for me today. I only had about an hour’s worth of work total. So I had time to research various schools around here. OMFG I cannot believe how expensive tuition is, even at little schools around here. There is one that I can afford and they even offer some of my classes online, but the in-person ones are super far away. I’ll keep looking if I get another chance.

I woke up with a sore throat and painful sinuses. I passed it off as allergies. But I’ve been feeling worse and worse all day. Could I seriously be getting fucking sick again?!?! I can’t stand it. I’m stiff. I felt fever-ish. My upper throat is sore and my sinuses are killing me. My nose is a little runny. I took some allergy medicine tonight, hoping. I’m in front of a space heater and still feeling chilled. A good thermometer might make my life easier at times (at least I’d know if I have a fever or not, anyway), but I’m afraid I’d consult it too frequently. So I don’t buy one.

After work, I stopped by a bicycle shop and got my front wheel bearings tightened (they were a little loose). I also got a U-Lock (finally) and a tube for “Peter’s” flat tire.

I got home, made myself a PBJ and ate some granola, and dove straight under the covers with the lights off. I’m just feeling so yuck today, physically. It hurts to swallow and I have a headache. Lovely. ::sarcasm::

On the plus side, I already re-adjusted to having days away from “Peter”. I wasn’t sad/disappointed at all today. In fact, I still just feel like I have so much to get done this week, and not enough time to accomplish it all. It doesn’t help that I spent an hour or two under the covers, just laying there resting. It doesn’t help that I spent much of yesterday night reading an old “Miss Manners” book (those things are SO HELPFUL!!!).

Mum went in for shoulder surgery today but it doesn’t sound like they ended up doing too much invasive work; mostly just said she’d need a replacement in the future. I need to send her my pictures from the bicycle trip; I’m so late doing this, but I just can’t figure out how to do it. I have tried several methods but none of been successful, in part because there are video clips and in part because of the vast number of photos involved.

It’s really my #1 priority tonight but I haven’t looked at it yet. Instead, I have figured out how to use the calendar feature on my phone/laptop (they synchronize. It’s amazing).