My Goals

Long Term Goals:

Attain Accounting Certification, then move on to Photography

  • I am currently enrolled in classes for the Acct cert.
  • Must enroll in next semester’s classes, as well.
  • Then will enroll in the Photography cert. courses

Be able to work in Animal Rescue



  • Reduce my allergies
    • I try to keep up with vacuuming and sweeping
    • I could definitely dust more frequently
    • I could brush the cats
    • I will purchase a portable air filter
    • I’m keeping my bedding and clothes laundered
  • Compile list of names and locations of all nearby rescues
    • I know there is one place very close to my apartment
  • Ask the nearby rescues what kind of help they need

Acquire psychiatric service dog

  • Sell my pony, who lives in a different state 😦
  • Find new place to rent / arrange current situation somehow so I can get a dog
    • Talk seriously with bf about me getting a dog when our living situation changes
  • Research pre-trained wheaten terriers, perhaps (there is a smaller breed I am very interested in)

Repeating Goals:

  • Hike (hike or walk over 20,000 steps)
    • SUCCESSES: 2015: Feb 22; Mar 07, 14, 21, 29; Apr 8, 9, 11, 18, 25; May 10, 17; Jun 9, 13, 24; Jul 19, 31;
  • Music practice (solo or group)
    • SUCCESSES: 2015: Feb 24; Mar 06, 10, 17, 18, 24; Apr 6, 8, 14, (x2); May: 5, 13, 28; June: 20ish; [missed large segment]
  • Volunteer work ❤
    • SUCCESSES: 2015: Feb 14; Mar 7; Apr 11, 18, 25; Jun 15ish;

(My old goals page is archived and available upon request)

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