Music by Mood

Current Favorite Songs



This list will continuously evolve (last updated on 04/24/15). The songs will be in no particular order. These songs strike me for whatever reason – some the music, some the harmonies, some the lyrics, some in spite of the lyrics. I tend to link to lyric vids when possible, regardless of whether or not I like the lyrics. Some of these have religious-based words, although I am not of a particular religion. You’ve been warned.


Songs I find energizing (perfect for CLEANING!). I need more of these:


Songs to help BOOST my mood (from medium to high) / improve focus:


Songs to make me smile or LAUGH:


Songs that GROUND ME (use in case of mood emergency only! Brings me up if I’m very low, grounds me when I’m in a severe funk or feeling very weird, but can bring me down if I’m up). This is the most IMPORTANT category for me!!! Only time can add to this list. In fact, most were introduced to me by my brother before he moved away:


Can add to this list at any time:


Songs I must AVOID because they bring my mood DOWN so unfailingly (or listen to with EXTREME CAUTION/ MUST be in a stable place mentally). I’ve placed these in approximate personally-chronological order. Only time can add to this list:

8 thoughts on “Music by Mood

  1. Brilliant idea to keep a list like this. You have a lot of songs that I don’t know. “Somebody That I Used To Know” is favourite of mine. As well as “I Need Your Love”. I wonder what songs I would put in each of the categories? I need a booster song right now.

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