Poem: Home II

Wherever the wind blows
That’s where my tent lives
Drive stakes into hardened Earth
Set down my pot and pan
And build a small flame
For boiling water

The wind blows dust and clay
Into my eyes
Gritty teeth grind
And blink
But I don’t mind

In an aquarium of sky
Clouds as heavy as semi’s scuttle
My sweat turns to mud
As I lay and watch

Bushes nearby rustle green leaves
But no large animal ever
Emerges to keep me company


Poem: Death V

How am I supposed to look you in the eyes tomorrow
And say Goodbye.
Tell me how.
How can I give you a hug
and hold you tight
and breathe your scent
one final time?

Tell me how.
How can I tell you I love you?
How can I show you I care?
How will you know 1000 times all the ways I wish I could be there?

But you won’t know.
Your mind is elsewhere.
Only I will know.
It’s up to me to say goodbye now,
and you unaware
with eyes half-massed
and face turned away
and body still
Yet breathing
And sometimes you accept food and liquid.


How can I leave you like this?
How can I leave you knowing there’s little chance of ever seeing you again?


Poem: Home

Now is the time.
When time lasts forever.
How can I stay
Leave you behind.
And a smile.
You’d be fine by my side
But I’m alone here.
in my heart.

With wings to hold me
And air to keep me here.
With silver streams of light
Warming my eyes
Reflecting streaks on the window.

I’m home.


Poem: Death IV

It’s strange to find you gone.
Stranger still to find you left a long time ago.
I close my eyes and you’re there
Still sitting at the table.
But no.

I could drive to your home.
But find only strangers at the door.
I could look through my pictures of you.
But when I look up, you’re not there.

Life goes on.
Life goes on.
Life goes on.


Poem: Death III

For the people who were there
And the people who are gone now
Although we keep you in our prayers
And the memories last forever.

For the people who were there
We once talked right to your face
We may have had some tougher days
But we miss you.

For the people who are gone now
But we still see you when we close our eyes
We can look back through our photographs
And remember different times.

For the people who are gone now
Once, you stood beside us
Laughter and singing and games and love
Now I open my eyes to a memory.


Poem: Death II

For selfish reasons,
I recall your final words to him
And his final breath
You will see him again.

But the Selfish Living (me)
wishes to keep you parted
another day
another week
another year
And keep your loving eyes here
Fixated on the living family encircling you.

For selfish reasons,
I fear your absence.
I fear a life without you.
I fear what will become of those you leave behind.


Poem: Death I

Why do we have to change?
Why can’t we stay the same?
So full of love
Your eyes
So gentle and kind
So full of wanting to see us smile
Wanting us to be happy
Rejoicing in our joy
And your great-grandbabies
Why do we have to go?
Why can’t we stay together always?
Why can’t I wrap you in my love and keep you safe from mortality?
Why can’t you stay with us forever?