Remember when

She remembers when she was a small child. There are rows and rows of adult-sized chairs all around. Her parents are seated in two of them with luggage around their legs. Her brother is at the drinking fountain across the way.

Above, there is a television screen. There is text scrolling across the bottom of the screen. She stares at it for a while but it’s boring. The background reads “CNN”. Most of the words are too large for her to understand but there are just heads and shoulders on the screen, obviously talking. She goes back to playing with her toy airplane, landing it on the waves of carpet and mountains of armrests.

Back to the present moment, she opens her eyes. The Republican debate is playing on the television. The scrolling text, the heads on shoulders. Now it’s entertaining. There’s a swirly carpet and armrests but no toy plane is present.

Seed word “Flight” – Respond with 5 sentences fiction (Fiction#001)

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My five sentences:
Exhausted, I climb the boulders, higher and higher. My muscles tremble from exhertion and I don’t think I can make even one more upward movement. But I’ve reached the plateau, scrambling forward on shaking legs, barely keeping me upright. I stand at the edge of the cliff face, surveying the beautiful, lush valley below, the sunbeams and shadows of clouds playing across the land. Forward, I lean, more and more, until my nose has passed my toes and passed the cliff and there is nothing but the falling and falling and freedom of the very moment….until the transformation occurs and my arms turn to wings and the feathers hold the wind and I am free.