Weaning off Lexapro: Day 17

Sunset, pale blue sky with pale, lit clouds and a single tree

Sunset tonight

Meds Today:

  • 10mg Lexapro (!!!), norm. thyroid meds
  • calcium tablet
  • exercise (walking, mostly)
  • 10mg Prozac at night


  • Tired
  • Light-headed at times
  • Emotionally pretty neutral

Journal Items:

  1. Very, very exhausted this morning
  2. Got up early for breakfast, but then fell back asleep for hours
  3. Studied
  4. Walked to a distant store for a couple of items
  5. Tried to study more
  6. Walked and took a bus for Pokémon game (met up with at least 15 people, I think!)
  7. Studied more and lifted a few weights
  8. Bf home late from work, and is currently downstairs working so I’m not talking to him or anything yet (seems absorbed in work). Oh no wonder, he’s taking tomorrow off so he is probably working a lot of extra today.

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