Weaning off Lexapro: Day 11

Sunset (pink and orange clouds with darkening blue sky)



  • 15mg Lexapro, norm. thyroid meds
  • fish oil capsule, multivite
  • lots of exercise (walking)


  • Didn’t sleep soundly last night
  • Dreamt that my old obsession returned (OCD), but it didn’t bother me at all during the day, so I think it was just fear, not the actual obsession
  • My friend “Joe” said that my face seemed much more animated than ever before, as if my brain is sending signals to different facial muscles than when I’m on the 20mg, and he was shocked by it (like, hadn’t expected to notice any physical changes on this drug experient)

Today was my day of the week that I Pokéwalk with “Joe”. I had totally normal energy levels and stamina. I didn’t find it hard to maintain conversations or feel withdrawn. It was good.

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