Weaning off Lexapro: Days 5 + 6

A field of small, bubbly clouds lit up pink from the morning light, against a sky that is a gradient from yellow to blue

5th Day: I should wake up around sunrise more often. That’s beautiful!

The 5th Day:

  • 15mg Lexapro + norm. thyroid meds
  • magnesium, mutli-vite, fish oil capsule, iron all taken separately
  • A little exercise (walking)

The 6th Day (today):

  • 15mg Lexapro + norm. thyroid meds
  • Fish oil capsule; iron; multi-vite
  • A little exercise (walking)


  • Yesterday, I think I felt pretty neutral. I don’t recall anything.
  • Today, I’m getting a little bit of dizziness but it’s not unmanageable yet
  • Today, also, I’m NOT in a super talkative mood, but I think that’s unrelated
  • Today, additionally, I experienced some anxiety. No more than “usual” but more than the day-after-my-one-Prozac-dose, so that’s sad. I preferred the no-anxiety feeling, to be frank
  • I have been sleeping soundly lately, I think. But I did feel extremely tired when it was time to get up this morning

P.S. I finished my final exam (I passed, somehow). And I have already started to study for the next course!

5 thoughts on “Weaning off Lexapro: Days 5 + 6

  1. I have come across a side effect that keeps popping up for me. I was only on meds for about 2 years total, so anyone who has been on higher doses and for longer will likely see the same thing only worse I expect.

    Brain Zaps – not new and well documented. My issue is that I have always been a coffee lover; particularly the really good strong stuff – espresso. Brain zaps for me are made much, much worse by coffee. I have found that if I do not drink any coffee my symptoms are nearly non-existent. I hate that I can’t drink coffee but it’s worth it for now to not have the “zaps”.

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    • Wow, thanks for sharing. I will have to keep my eyes out for a connection between the days I drink coffee and the brain zaps that I get on those days.

      I HATE brain zappies. It’s the withdrawal symptom I fear the most. It hasn’t been bad for me yet, but I’ve experienced in the past when I have missed a dose or been late by half a day. What an awful, awful feeling.

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  2. OMG you passed! That is wonderful. You must certainly know what you’re doing in the accounting world (even though it’s not your favorite thing to do, it can be a good fall-back for a job, even if you don’t care for it as a career). Glad to hear you’re not apparently suffering much with the withdrawal symptoms. Is there a plan as to how long you will be on this step? All the best on the next class.

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    • Thank you. I only felt confident on about 50% of the exam. For passing the rest of the exam, I must have had good luck on my side. I think I am doing better at the next class, so far. I’m on Module 4 out of 10 already. But they will get progressively more difficult soon (I peeked ahead).
      The plan for the Lexapro is every 2 weeks, go down another 5mg. But I’ve read online that it’s actually the jump from 5mg to 0mg that is the hardest/worst for a ton of people.


      • Ah, but the last step is the greatest. Maybe you will have some leftover 5mg ones and can cut them to make that last step a couple steps…. (Don’t take that as sound medical advice but I know my Mom sometimes cuts her low-dose sleeping pills because she’s so tiny she doesn’t need as much.)

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