Being apart

I seem to be having a rough time and I don’t think it’s just that I’m starting a new school or taking a well-over-full-time load of classes and all that. It’s not even that I’m having a harder time communicating with my bf at present and am feeling lonely. It’s not even 100% that my pony is finally finding a new home and I will miss her so terribly.

Rather, what is very hard for me right now is that my brother and his gf are visiting my parents and dog at present. Without me. I’m glad they’re there and I’m so glad to see the pictures. But not being there is ripping up my heart. They’re my family. I hate being apart from them every day but this is so hard. They’ve even gone to one of my favorite places in the mountains today. I look forward to seeing the photos but oh how my soul would be there.


4 thoughts on “Being apart

  1. I’m so glad to hear from you – been wondering how you’ve been doing! I understand it sucks to be away from everyone when they’re having fun. Sorry to hear you’re ‘losing’ your pony – but I think from things you’ve said you had so little time for her anyway. Perhaps she will have some more regular attention in her new place. Well done on tackling the workload – keep it up, you can do it – and now I understand why you haven’t blogged in a while – just too darn busy. Huggs to you!

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