It’s come time for me to decide what on Earth I’m doing. You know that all I really want to do is help animals. I fairly randomly chose “Accounting” as the method to do this, because of my allergies to all animals and also low natural dominance that makes working with more dominant animals very hard for me.

I’ve done the year of Accounting. That means I will have my little, hardly-meaningful certificate soon. I say hardly meaningful because it isn’t like full-blown accounting. It would mean I could get low level bookkeeping jobs now.

What I really like is CARING for animals. I don’t have the dominance to be like a trainer or anything like that. My real passion is for the health of the animal. For example, learning how to trim toe nails safely in resistant animals, brushing their teeth, things like that. I don’t really know if I could give shots. I just want to be the owner of a property where needy animals could come and live until they are adopted. That sort of thing. But of course, I’m too allergic really.

It’s confusing.

I’ve found a method to get the courses I need to keep going with the Accounting topic. But I don’t know if I should stay at the current, super inexpensive school, or switch to the online school that would allow me to finish more quickly. … Ugh, I wish to decide it this week but it’s been very hard.

5 thoughts on “Education

  1. My thought is that the online school might not have the structure I think you need to complete courses. On the other hand it does not have the travel involved…..
    But. How about getting one of those low-level accounting jobs now and doing the online course as a one or two evenings a week self discipline item? Or how about starting the online course while you apply for the low-level-accounting-jobs, treating it as a 9-5 exercise – couple hours applying for jobs and the rest of the day finishing the course quickly? If you have a laptop, you could perhaps squirrel yourself away at the library or somewhere that has wifi so there is no temptation to do something around the house. The combination of the higher credential plus the experience should hopefully get you into more lucrative employment sooner – and as accounting is normally a 9-5 job, think of all the animal care stuff you could do over the weekend!
    Oh, and – it’s good to hear from you again – had been wondering how you were!

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