To-Do List because I’m forgetting things

This is going to be terribly boring for y’all so I’m going to place it behind a cut. It’s pretty badly needed for me. I am SCATTERED at present.

  • Upgrade operating system of laptop
    • Run back up
    • Set aside time to upgrade operating system (let run overnight)
  • CC
    • Read details on cc switch
    • Make sure everything is identical
    • Activate
  • Vacuum bedroom
  • Sort my junk piles in bedroom
  • Get prescriptions organized again
    • Look up refill amounts
    • Look up refill dates
  • Call doctor office and confirm next appointment date
  • It’s time to write up a budget
    • Have gathered enough data to start this again
    • Decide if it will be personal or joint (and if joint, decide if all-inclusive or restricted to the categories we share)
    • Re-go over what is a joint category
      • Fix my previous category mistakes (i.e. repay the money I used from the wrong account for edu)
  • Update old financial records (joint one is basically up to date)
  • Find local therapist (yeah, I’ve been pathetically looking for a while now)
  • Organize my shelves in the cupboard
  • Meal plan a tiny bit?! (fricking save money!!!)


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