End Of Semester (get it together!)

So it’s winding down to the final days of the semester. I was doing so well all semester until … approximately this month. Literally speaking, ever since I moved to a new location. So there’s something about the increased time it takes me to get to school that also increases my likelihood of not attending.

However, I’m trying to pull it together so as not to completely undo all of the progress I’d made during the semester. I’ve contacted my psychiatrist and having a listening ear was in itself extremely helpful. I’ve also scheduled an appointment with Disability Support Services for tomorrow. I want to make sure the counselor there knows what is happening for me and see if she has any suggestions.

I have a haircut appointment for tomorrow, so PERHAPS my self-cut will get fixed up. 🙂 Or it could make things worse!! I know nothing about this hair place except that I walk past it every day… But hopefully it won’t be terrible. I just really want a change. But I don’t know; with what I did the other day, there might be no hope until the front grows out more again.  (That was a “whoops” but it was fun.)

Let’s break this down. Tonight, I have just one goal: Accounting quiz that’s tomorrow. All I absolutely have to do tonight is the homework for tomorrow’s Accounting quiz. I’ve jogged, I’ve eaten. Now is the time for studying.

Wednesday, I will have just one thing I have to get done: My PPT presentation. I worked on it for a couple of hours the other day but I’m too much of a perfectionist and kept switching topics because I wasn’t satisfied. I think I’m going to switch topics again but I have a good idea. Also, I couldn’t figure out any kind of order, so I just had random slides and ideas all over and it was a big mess. Oh well, I’ll try again. But FIRST, Accounting homework for tomorrow. Later, everyone.

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