TIME CAPSULE!!!! Today is it.

When I was in early elementary school, I had a teacher talk with us about THE FUTURE. We were to imagine all sorts of possibilities. You can guess some of the ideas — hovering cars, personal jetpacks, etc. That was going to be THE FUTURE, which meant “after year 2000”. Back then, year 2000 seemed to be a LONG way away!

I also learned a little bit about archeology — probably in the form of dinosaur bones and digging up ancient civilizations.

I began to wonder if the Future Me would even remember the items and lifestyle of the Then (Late 1980’s? Early 1990’s?) Me.

I decided… to make a Time Capsule. I gave it to my mom for safe keeping.

TODAY IS THE DATE I HAD WRITTEN ON THE PACKAGE!!!! I don’t know what’s inside — I don’t remember. But at any second, I am FaceTiming with my mom and we’re going to open it up!!!!!


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