Body ills

Cut for possible triggers of the hypochondriac-type sort.

Now with 2 updates:

If I had limitless money, I would see some particular doctors. Here is my wishlist.

  1. Endocrinologist. Because this new thyroid level appears to be wrong. But the previous level also seemed wrong. (The higher dose really seems to have been what was keeping me from sleeping — I’m now able to fall asleep and stay asleep much more easily! BUT now I’m having more trouble smiling, getting out of bed, feeling any motivation aside from a few items, feeling friendly, I’m much more irritable, doing anything outside of schoolwork and some basic chores, I’ve gained some weight, etc. I’d rather be more able to do things than sleep… I guess I didn’t know until I tried!)
  2. Dermatologist. Because of the apparent facial herpes which just keeps on breaking out over and over again, every handful of weeks. Obviously something is wrong with my body.
  3. Ear, nose, and throat doctor. MOSTLY because of the bumps I still get in the back of my throat and always coincide with pain. They look identical, to my untrained eye, to the photos of strep online. Secondly, I would go for the unending acne and red rash the keeps coming back to my face. The rash stays as the apparent herpes bumps go away. The skin just stays red and rashy until the next outbreak. Sucks. LASTLY, my sinuses are fucking KILLING ME. I’m assuming that’s just allergies, though, since I’m fricking living with two cats, which I am allergic to. I’m going to invest in a good portable air filter soon.
  4. Gynecologist. Because my primary care doctor wants me to see one. Because my last PAP smear was mildly abnormal. Additionally, I’ve gone from having 0 yeast infections in my life to having them chronically.
  5. Oral surgeon. Because my dentist wants me to see one. Because the bumps that healed on my tongue from the biopsy seemed abnormal to her and she wanted the oral surgeon to look at them. I haven’t done it yet.
  6. Cognitive behavioral therapist. Because that seems useful for some of my shit thought patterns.
  7. PTSD specialist. Because ever since deciding to go back Home in the future (for a visit), I’ve had terrible nightmares, almost every night, of the bad period with my ex – the time right before and during the very end.
  8. Dietician. Because I try SO hard to keep my blood sugars level but still I find I am getting more and more moments throughout the day where my body just starts getting shaky and weak for no reason. Then I have to snack. i just have to keep snacking. But it seems like that isn’t always helping anymore. It doesn’t seem like anxiety or anything. It feel like blood sugar. But I’m not a doctor so maybe it is not blood sugar. It’s happening again right now, that’s why I thought of it. If I go to bed feeling this way and without snacking, I wake up excruciatingly blah and yuck and gray the next day. It’s terrible.

Have I missed anything??? 🙂

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