Sep 12 – Sep 18 (Sat – Fri): School days, caught a cold

Hi again, all. I have nothing too terribly eventful or new to report. Which makes me rather happy. I love the status quo. I’ll go through these days quickly:

Flower with rain droplets

Flower with rain droplets

Sep 12, Sat: Lazy day? and some schoolwork. Practiced piano for a few minutes.

Sep 13, Sun: Lazy day, then walked 2.5 miles to celebrate Rosh Hashanah 2015 with Peter’s folks.

Sep 14, M: School; then rushed to grocery store for ingredients, and then COOKED for about 4.5 hours!!! It wasn’t supposed to take that long! Silly recipe claimed 10 min prep time, 20 min cook time. HA. When Peter came home from work, he didn’t even get to take off his shoes– he came in and helped too! But in the end, we had a HUGE pot of really yummy curry (I made enough for 8 servings), and we ended up getting to eat it the rest of the week, so yay!!! Also on this day, my folks were in a bad bicycle crash but are okay. And my mom sent me a picture of her and my dog that is completely adorable.

Sep 15, T: School, worked from home; Is this the evening that Peter and I practiced some music together?

Sep 16, W: School; Caught a head-cold

Sep 17, R: School, then went home and SLEPT UNTIL DINNER TIME, and then went back to sleep!!!!! I am fighting a still-mild head cold!

Sep 18, F: Went to work, got caught up on a bunch of small tasks. Now am waiting to hear from someone if I am needed for dog-sitting tonight thru this weekend or not.


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