Log: Aug 15 – Aug 19 (Sat – Wed) SCHOOL STARTED

Aug 15 (Sat): Cat-sitting for 2 cats, and dog-sitting;
Aug 16 (Sun): Cat-sitting; Possibly head to a nearby park for the day
Aug 17 (Mon): SCHOOL!!!
Aug 18 (Tue): School 9:40 am – 12:25 pm; Work 1:20 pm – 5:20 pm
Aug 19 (Wed): School 9:40 am – 3:25 pm; Study 3:45 pm – 5:30 pm

Grumpy Cat: Sometimes I want to hug someone, but unfortunately, I'm not a porcupine

Grumpy Cat: Sometimes I want to hug someone, but unfortunately, I’m not a porcupine

*Update* I had forgotten — I actually slept the ENTIRE DAY ON SATURDAY. Dog sitting got cancelled and I don’t want to talk about why. Still cat sitting – it’s going smoothly – School started – two classes on the first day, and they both seem okay. The professors seem nice and knowledgeable – After school, at night, I had another emotional meltdown, ended up sleeping out on the patio for four hours (came back inside around 4 am), partly on purpose and partly not. I mean, obviously I meant to bring my sleeping pad and bag and pillow-blanket out there, but I don’t think I expected to actually fall asleep. It was nice. I could watch the clouds moving across the stars, until I fell asleep. And my earplugs blocked out all of the yelling people and sirens and general city noise.

HEY! I forgot to mention — Sunday was fun — Peter & I went to free dance lessons in the morning!! Then went to the BEACH with his parents, and had a nice, homemade dinner with them afterward!!

My next classes – the 3rd and 4th – seem nice, as well.

I’d say that overall, one class seems like it will be a bit painfully slow, and one class might be just too damn fast for me. The topic should be okay, but the professor went zip-zip-zip like crazy. I’m so glad I am able to audio-record the lectures.

The one class that is REALLY important — the Accounting one — nobody volunteered to be a notetaker. So I’m not sure what will happen with that. But I’ll do my best and keep recording the audio lectures and if I find I’m not doing okay, I’ll have to talk with the professor about it.

I’m at work but I’m freaking out. HOW in the WORLD am I supposed to get all of this homework done???? I have DAY 2 of two classes tomorrow, which means reading and homework for both of them. I’m very worried that this isn’t going to be possible. Not unless I can somehow get a little bit ahead. Oh well. I’ll try to read for an hour tonight, at the least.

Pink flower petals

Pink flower petals

My emotions are a roller coaster again and I don’t know if it’s from the massive life changes or from my thyroid dose being lowered. I’m not liking it, though. I’ll wait until my new schedule has leveled out before I really insist on raising my thyroid back up, though.

I did get the new health insurance. It’s officially official. Now to cancel COBRA and see what they say about my August premium and expenses!!! GULP. I hope they don’t discontinue me and then reject the past claims I’m still waiting on receiving payments for!!!

Oh yeah and I’m also not in a sharing mood with many people right now. With my mom, sure. Anybody else? Not very much. I’m an upset porcupine.


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