Differences in effects of alcohol versus other drugs?

Can any of you post me some good information links on the differences between being drunk and being drugged? I don’t have time to write about it now but I believe a loved one was recently drugged but there is no way of knowing. I am just curious what the differences would look like.

We have bits and pieces of information including audio recordings made during the blacked out time. Two or three days later, a CAT scan and TOX screen both came out clear.

If you have good, solid info about the effects or behaviors of being drunk versus high / drugged, please post in the comments. Thank you.


6 thoughts on “Differences in effects of alcohol versus other drugs?

  1. Mine is only anecdotal, but I can say with some certainty that I was drugged once. My wife and I were out at a show and I had 1 beer. I weigh 250, and when I was drinking it would take about 4 just to feel buzzed. We then went to another bar for karaoke and both of us got a vodka cranberry. It was short, and not particularly strong. I think it was meant for her, but I drank it and within 10 minutes I was so sick. I kept nodding off, puked in the bathroom and the bouncer came in and kicked us out. Then it got really scary because I lost muscle control. 2 drinks, over the space of about 2 hours. No way. My wife wanted to take me to the hospital, but I refused. Went home and passed out, didn’t move all night. Went to the hospital and they ran a tox screen but said many of the drugs didn’t have enough of a half-life that they would find anything. They didn’t. I got bags of electrolytes and fluids, and was released. Hope that helps somewhat.

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  2. Everyone is different. There is no way to know for sure unless you get the labwork done really soon afterward. Alcohol is metabolized in the body into a whole lot of drugs, so drunkenness is actually a slightly different bag of tricks each time. I suggest finding out whether anyone who was there has a history of drugging people, and meanwhile never drink with any of the people who were present until you get some answers. However, I can tell you that most “knockout” drugs affect most people with a sudden weakness and loss of consciousness, followed by glimmering in and out of a dreamless sleep, with a powerful headache.

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    • It is sounding less like a true knockout drug and more like THC or shrooms or something that wouldn’t necessarily kick straight in for the knockout. I think edible THC, myself, because the effects took over an hour to really start getting weird, and then they got weirder and weirder progressively until he woke up 3.5 miles from camp and thinking he was walking in Death Valley which is many states away from where he was, without a car or wallet but not even worried. Just happily walking in Death Valley…. until at some point he realized it was too green to be Death Valley… A lot of crazy things surrounding this.


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