Log: Jul 10 (Fri) Frustrated with customer service divisions

Jul 10 (Fri): Work; Night at my uncle’s house

WHY can’t companies CALL ME BACK!!!!!! I am trying to get my shit DONE. I have a million loose ends and am so stumped by people not getting back with me. I leave voice mails and emails and get … silence. Gah.

Meanwhile, you could never imagine this. Hollywood couldn’t have come up with this plot:

For those who don’t know, I was briefly terminated from my health care coverage. This is because they never received my March check in the mail. I found out on June 1, but they said I was terminated as of May 1, because they were trying to put my June check into May, because of the 1 check gap… Well I could explain this all better but I don’t have a lot of time. Anyway, long story shorter, I appealed it, and also started to look into government health insurance. And I called up my bank and put a stop on the missing check. So while I went into appeals, they did not consider me terminated, although if they were to decide negatively against my appeals, then I would owe them for everything back starting on May 1.

Well, to get government health insurance, I would need to have my termination letter in hand and submitted by June 30. So I was waiting between June 1 and June 30 in suspense for my appeals to be decided upon by my COBRA provider. I was freaking out a bit. On June 30th, I finally started to beg and plead over the phone (I had been calling every week to check on my appeals anyway). They were able to get hold of the person in charge of making the appeal decisions, and my case was APPROVED. Whewph. My goodness, what a stressful time.

So on June 30, that same day, they somehow generate a letter that goes to my OLD address and under my OLD last name, saying I’ve lost insurance coverage due to a divorce. Um… Wha? I called the company immediately and the lady I spoke with had no idea how that letter had been generated, what it means, and suggested I ignore it.



Meanwhile, here where I live now, I get a letter ALSO dated June 30, that is a RETURN OF MY CHECK THAT STARTED THIS WHOLE CRAZY MADNESS IN THE FIRST PLACE!!!!! They return it with a letter saying they couldn’t deposit it because there’s a stop on it. …. WHA..?!?!?! WHAT THE FUCK?!?! Seriously. What is wrong with this company???

They HAD the check this whole time?!?! So what has this all been about?!?! That check is from back in February, written for March, and I put a stop on it on June 1. Now I have it back. Anyway, on June 30, to my current address and correct last name, they also sent the letter saying I have coverage.

The. Fuck.

Okay. In other news. I’m going to my aunt & uncle’s tonight and will stay the night. I want to be there first thing in the morning tomorrow so I can help clean up (dust and vacuum and such) before the BBQ party! I’m going to SLEEP tonight; I’m planning on using an experimental sleep aid tonight. A few of you who have been with me from the beginning will know what I’m referring to. I used it once last week and that is the only night in a month where I’ve gotten any sleep (I’ve been using my sleep monitor again and the sights aren’t pretty).

Mood Ranking: 5


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