Nothing much

Let’s hide this, because I want to feel more freedom.

Ahh, there we go. Hidden behind a cut.

I just want to write without caring what I’m saying.

*clears throat*

When everything is going right.
And there are bills to pay.
And lots of things to be done.
And people to see.

Places to visit.

People waiting for you to fall.
So you try to prove them wrong.
You work through the morbid thoughts.
And keep yourself moving forward.
Always only forward.

If you’re down, it’s lack of sleep.
Or a need for better nutrition.
You make so many plans.
Your to-do list is longer than ever.
You accomplish so many small tasks.
And are somehow standing, not laying down.

Not everyone who sees you has any clue.
How different this is.
How amazing this is.
How far there is to fall.
But you’re not going to let yourself fall.

Keep on living a brand new life.
Keep holding on to the new and different.
Keep making time for some of the old hobbies.
Because you have to use them to stay grounded.
You can’t keep standing upright if you don’t stay grounded.


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