Jun 16 (Tue): Therapy 8:30a; Work 10:30a – 5:30p
Jun 17 (Wed): Work 9:30a – 5:30p
Jun 18 (Thu): Work 9:30a – 1:30p; Passport application appointment 2:30p
Jun 19 (Fri): Work 11:00a – 5:30p; Important sale

I’m behind on this logging thing. Let’s see what I remember. But I only have 4 minutes to type.

Tuesday: Therapy in the morning, then work. I forget the rest.
Wednesday: Work. Then, hmm. I know Peter + I started a movie online but didn’t finish it because it got too late.
Thursday: Hey hey, work, then made it to my passport application appointment and got everything turned in! I’d even printed myself a map weeks ago when I first set up the appointment! I was brilliant at some point. It all went very smoothly. Peter had taken the day off, and we met out there near where my appointment had been, and had lunch together. Then finished watching a movie online, and practiced music! I didn’t get my sweeping done because it got late.
Friday: I went on a detour before work this morning and had some fun that I can’t describe because it’s location-specific. I walked over 9000 steps before 11a! Then I finally made it to work. What a loooooong day. Nobody is here at the office today and I am feeling very weird, ungrounded, gray, floaty, weak, etc. All that happens when I have a day completely alone. Hate that.

But I’m now on my way to my aunt and uncle’s house, where I am selling a very expensive item (of my uncle’s) via the Internet to someone who seems very nice over email & phone. I’m excited about that. The person is going to restore it and use it, and even promised to send me pics of the products he ends up making with it. Pretty cool.

Got to run, I can’t be late to this. It’s nearly $1000 I’d lose my uncle. Mood for this entire week: 4.7 – 5.4 (it’s been a good week, in spite of some ongoing anxiety because my insurance STILL has me in the appeals process and the month is coming to a close, and I also haven’t heard back about my matriculation paperwork for school! Gah. And some family things. Grandma was just started on morphine, which my entire family on that side takes to mean she is in the final stages of life now. That is shortly before her husband died, he’d had to go onto the extreme pain killers and lose his lucidity to them.)


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