Log: Jun 13 – 15 (Sat – Mon) Busy

Jun 13 (Sat): Tree planting 9a; Chores; Walking
Jun 14 (Sun): Visit Peter’s folks; Watch the basketball game with my brother
Jun 15 (Mon): Work 9:30a – 5:30p; Uncle’s house after work

Fun with new sketch pad and phone app

Fun with new sketch pad and phone app

I don’t remember Saturday very well. Peter and I walked A LOT (hit 20,000 steps!), but I think the day was mostly about errands. And more specifically, getting my medicines. I had left some at Peter’s place and one was at a pharmacy. We were dog-sitting. Also going to sell an item to someone but she flaked, so that involved some rushing around trying to get places at certain times.

Sunday is easier to remember. We went to Peter’s folks’ place for breakfast and must have been there for a while. Went to an Art supply store and got me the eraser I’ve been wanting, and ended up getting an awesome pencil, a cheapo pencil holder, and a small sketch pad for me, too. Exciting.

Then we had to be back to meet this lady for an item sale again, and this time she did show and paid for the item although she won’t pick it up until a few more days from now. Peter and I made a dinner — I mistakenly thought my brother was joking when he told me he was on a hunger strike. So I assumed he was going to eat dinner with us while watching the basketball game. But it was fun anyway, and more food for me and Peter. We did some sausage and Brussels sprouts, some leftover brown rice, and something else I’m forgetting. Huh. Avocado. Wasn’t there something else? Oh well.

A commercial came on the TV during the game that I thought was so funny, I had a laugh attack. I couldn’t stop. My eyes were watering like crazy, I laughed so hard. We all laughed. I think my brother and I bonded over the horribleness of the commercial and how much it made us NOT want the product. I’m going to keep referencing it with him until it gets very old.

Monday: I’m still trying to be more careful about my morning routine, and it’s a good thing! I had a watch alarm set for “10 minutes until leaving apartment” and that’s what woke us up this morning!! Whoops. Haha. We either slept through his alarm clock or he didn’t set it. So we got up then. I showered and everything (which is still really damn amazing, for me). I had time to drink some tea and eat some bacon he had made, but the rest of breakfast, I took with me.

The rest of Monday is To be continued…

3-Day Mood Ranking: 4.5 – 5.5 (I’m feeling better emotionally again)


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