Just some more boring ol’ to-do lists because my anxiety is off scale:


  • Once my matriculation and waiver paperwork are accepted: Register for missing course
  • Once registered for all courses:
    • write boss letter for quitting
    • pay tuition
    • rent / locate textbooks
  • Additional: Does this school have disability services / can I get permission to audio-record all lectures? Can I get a notetaker? Can I have textbooks turned to robot audio voice? Do I need current therapist to write a letter to them, if so?


  • Once I receive termination letter, immediately apply for state insurance
  • If “appeals” process rejects me, contact ex’s employer and have them contact insurance’s manager and insist I should be on insurance still
  • Look up this school’s student insurance


  • Return pony to previous owner?
    • Holy crap, I just located a horse stable right along the beach where the board is cheaper than I used to pay (although more than most places around here, and certainly more than I’ve been paying my friend all year). But it would be financially feasible to bring her here if I found a trustworthy person to co-own or part-lease her from me. Ride for hours along the beach, anyone?? Yeah. For real. Temptation. Much food for thought.
    • No, still the same issues. Time and distance and time. And the reality of me traveling frequently to a distant barn. There’s no way.
  • Sell my car?
  • Books? Drawing? Voice? Piano? Guitar? Soooo many possibilities
  • Exercise / working out
  • Would this job keep me for 1 day a week?
  • Would I get a campus job?
  • Would I get a different, very part-time job?

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