Log: Jun 12 (Fri) Work; movie at home

Jun 12 (Fri): Work 9a – 5:30p; Make and eat dinner; Watch Pacific Rim (inside joke)

Clouds in the sky

Clouds in the sky

This morning went well. We had pre-determined what time to leave and such. I had all of my alarms set for different intervals. It worked for me. I had my clothes for the day set out. I skipped showering again. I fed the doglings, he showered and made breakfast, I got my lunch packed. We walked hurriedly to the train on this end of things (we’re dog-sitting).

My mood is stable so far today. THANK GOD[].

I have already heard back from my new school — they accepted my state residency proof! Yay! Now tuition is immensely affordable. This is the cheapest school I’ve ever seen in my life. Today, I submitted all of my matriculation and some waiver forms for classes I’ve already taken. Once that is all cleared, I’ll be able to sign up for the one class of all of them that I NEED to register for and am currently blocked from due to its English prerequisite.

Anyway. Mood Today (so far): 4.5, 5


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