Log: Jun 9 (Tue) Visiting my OTHER grandma!

Jun 9 (Tue) Therapy, Work, Visit relatives!

I’m in a hurry so this will be brief, pictures to come later. Tuesday was a VERY FULL DAY.

First, I couldn’t fall asleep the night before. I was anxious about the morning’s therapy, who knows why. It happens.

Next, I did go to therapy. I had slept through my alarm clock for at least 20 min and was very late.

Next, I went to work and was happily productive and busy until around 2p, when I found myself in a lull, waiting for a coworker to email me a necessary document. My OTHER grandma happened to be visiting relatives in a nearby city (I hadn’t thought I’d get to see her because of being out of town for my ill grandma). But I started to visualize being able to get there and visit with them for a brief time before they had to catch their airplane. I sent out a probing text to my brother to see if he could somehow dump the rest of his workday (of course he can’t, he has a very crazy busy schedule at work), and go with me… hopefully even drive.

He encouraged me to go with two words: “Why not?” Yeah! Why not??? So I jumped on a train, made it partway, switched to a bus, made it another partway, switched to a different train system, and then walked the rest of the way there. It took somewhere around 2 – 2.5 hours to get there but I’m SO GLAD I did it!

I got to see my cousin, her fiance and her dog, and my visiting aunt and grandma. They all seemed really happy and we got to talk for at least 2 hours. I’m really glad I got to see them, and the journey there had been an adventure.

After dropping them off at the airport, my cousin drove me what turns out to be a somewhat short distance to where Peter works, where I had dinner with him. Then he and I walked like 2 miles to catch a train that took us halfway back, and then switched to another train system to get the rest of the way back. We got back pretty late but it was fun. I liked getting to see where he works. Altogether, two of those train systems were ones I’d never been on before, so that was cool.

But then I had insomnia again for hours. And hours. Every time I started to relax, my brain took me to red-alert again and I was hyper-aware of having started to head toward sleep, which always brings me to full alertness again. Also, he was snuggling in his sleep, which is so sweet, I didn’t want to push him over or ask him to give me more space. But I do need more space. My legs can’t be restricted or I panic because I HAVE to move them (stupid RLS).


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