Log: Jun 2 + 3 (Tue + Wed) Calm but GI upset

Jun 2 (Tue): (No therapy); Work 11-00a – 5:30p
Jun 3 (Wed): Work 9:00a – 1:30p; Airplane 4p

Thank you for your support, everybody. For those of you who wrote me on my blog, and those of you who contacted me privately, thank you. I was really freaking out about having lost my insurance.

The rest of Monday’s log: By the evening, I had scrapped my then-plans and didn’t go to my uncle’s to get my stuff for packing. I considered: I was feeling so unwell mentally and not able to think, there was no way I was going to be able to pack. Nor would I be able to make myself food. So I went to Peter’s place instead, and we had leftovers there that he heated up for me. I felt so much better after I ate.

But I didn’t sleep. My stomach hurt too much.

Invader Zim Image -- Diarrhea!

Invader Zim Image — Diarrhea!

Tuesday: Getting out of bed was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HARD. I craved sleep. I was so tired. Then the cramping hit. Near the end of my shower, I had to curl over for a minute because the cramping hurt too much to stand up straight. And my whole body was super sensitive. The slightest touch hurt me. But I have a fear of people thinking I’m a hypochondriac so although I mentioned to Peter that I was feeling like I had caught a flu, I went to work anyway.

Yep! Diarrhea! ALLLLLLLL day.

OmfG was I exhausted by the end of the day. I was given an important task late in the afternoon so I couldn’t leave work early. I did leave before finishing, however. I went to my uncle’s house and talked with him for a little while. I hadn’t talked with him in a long time again. Then I gathered the few items I needed from there, and talked with him again. But this time he was angry about his cellphone touch screen not working and threw it on the desk once out of anger and I had some memories and could see it flying across the room and whatnot so I stayed back and let him know I was leaving. I told him to come in to work today so I could see him again before I leave to visit his mom.

Invader Zim -- Yep... Diarrhea!

Invader Zim — Yep… Diarrhea!

Anyway, then I went to Peter’s and it was very late by then. I packed and talked with my mom over the phone, who told me that my grandma has a diagnosis of acute kidney injury. That is different from kidney failure, although I don’t know how. I guess it is not good, whatever it is.

I took 1 mg of clonazepam and some pain medicine and I SLEPT!!!!!!!!!!! YAAAAYYYY!! Sleep!

Wednesday: Somehow crawled out of bed with Peter. Showered. I’m all packed. Grabbed some breakfast-to-go because I needed to hit work in time to finish up these reports. I’m feeling fine emotionally, and haven’t had any GI issues yet — that could be because all I’ve eaten since yesterday morning is PBJ’s. But I’m drinking electrolyte fluids and whatnot. Got to finish up some work stuff and then head to the airport. Health insurance issues will have to wait for me. Signing up for classes will have to wait for me (I got accepted at least — have a student email address already and everything!).

UPDATE: Okay! Here we goooo! (Shutting down, doing the dishes, and heading to the airport!) ‘Later everyone!


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