Log: May 28 – May 31 (Thu – Sun) Many days!

May 28 (Thu): Work 9:30a – 5:30p
May 29 (Fri): Dental 8:50a; Work 10:30a – 5:30p
May 30 (Sat): Walk around potential campus; Dinner with Peter’s folks; Watch a movie on laptop
May 31 (Sun): S in town!; swing by aunt + uncle’s house to p/u items; dinner party at Peter’s mom’s place

Cool flower

Cool flower

WOW, I am BEHIND. So Thursday? I don’t recall. Work. Peter and I made food and ate dinner. Then probably went to bed EARLY.

Friday? I think we got up EARLY and I had a dental appointment (it was a cancellation by someone else, so I got to sneak in early). The good news? My teeth and gums look great, even though I was quite late in having my teeth cleaned. The bad news? The dentist didn’t know what my mouth sores are either, but threw out another herpes possibility and gave me a referral to the oral surgeon for what she and my doctor both feel are abnormal bumps on a particular part of my tongue (unrelated to the other sores). Meh. AND OMG I HAD SUCH SEVERE MOOD SWINGS ON THIS DAY. I mean it included a LOT of anger and frustration. I was blaming a particular someone in my heart for the suspected oral herpes, since I can think of someone in particular I kissed previously and then later learned that he got lip sores periodically. I was SO, SO, SO ANGRY, but it was also toward myself. My medical cousin calmed me back down, though. He said that if it was oral herpes, it’s often something picked up in childhood, and could have only just activated due to another virus stressing out my body or whatever. [Sneak preview: The mouth swab came back negative for herpes, although that particular test has a 30% chance of false negative.]

Saturday: Busy day! But what did we do? I remember the 2nd part of the day involved going out with Peter’s parents to the school I’m thinking of attending and walking all around the campus. It was fun. Then we had dinner with them and left in time to go back to Peter’s place and finally start a movie that we’ve been trying for a while to find time to watch — it got too late so we still haven’t finished the last 30 minutes of it. I think we turned it off at midnight (late).

Orange and pink flowers

Orange and pink flowers

Sunday: Met up with my old friend I met back in 8th grade! She and I were then friends through high school and have loosely stayed in touch since then. She’s great. She and her husband just happened to be in the area for something else!!! Had lunch with them. Then rushed to my uncle’s for several items I needed, such as enough thyroid medicine for this upcoming week. Then rushed to Peter’s mom’s house for a dinner party. It was nice. There were two twin 2 year olds that were like a little trouble team of whirlwind energy and destructive powers but were adorable. I did get fairly stressed a few times, particularly when one started touching a fragile-looking lamp with the straw end of a broom. And when I was expected to take the knife out of one of their little hands (“No! Mine mine mine!”). [I mean to take classes on how to interact with children– someday I really will.] Everyone I met was very nice. Then came back to Peter’s in time to go to sleep.

On Sunday, I also got a call from my primary care doctor (wow!) letting me know that my mouth swab came back negative for herpes. YAY but she reminded me again that the test has a 30% chance of false negative.

8 thoughts on “Log: May 28 – May 31 (Thu – Sun) Many days!

  1. Sigh – when I had my first experience of hearing voices (like John Nash of “A beautiful mind” fame) I shat myself but I could not deal with the label. There’s alot of adverse publicity wrt to schizophrenia which I want to deny. You live with it and see that it’s not what people think but boy! do you find out what they think alright! Herpes is a skin disorder and one can pick it up from a towel at anytime, or from childhood and it could be dormant for years – your medical friend is correct. Just remember it’s other peoples’ sh*t and their problem, not yours. Try to avoid stigmatising yourself – be happy!!

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