Things to accomplish / Boring lists

Sorry to bore you all to tears yet again, but I need to make some more lists. I feel that I have 8 zillion different, loose threads going every which way. (Will be a work in progress)

This 3-day weekend, I would like to:

  • Paint …FAIL
  • Read, visual and/or audio …SUCCESS I
  • Spend quality time with my uncle (might be Saturday) …SUCCESS II
  • Spend quality time with my brother (scheduled for latter half of Monday) …SUCCESS I
  • Khan Academy lecture/s …SUCCESS II
  • Sign up for classes this Fall …FAIL
  • Schedule an appt for my passport application …FAIL
  • Work more on my cooking/ Meal Planning spreadsheet …SUCCESS II
  • Watch a movie on my laptop, just for fun …FAIL
  • Maybe weed through my Meetup groups / join new ones that I might actually attend …FAIL
  • Look for apartments more seriously / I really, really want a small dog …SUCCESS II (looked, didn’t see much)
  • Look up local barns. Make the decision if I am bringing my mare down to me or selling her back to previous owner …FAIL
  • Update budget …SUCCESS I
  • Change fish water …SUCCESS I (but fish died next morning)
  • Pick up rx from pharmacy …FAIL (although did call them and have them refax for refills)
  • Pick up groceries for the next couple of days …SUCCESS II
  • Make primary care dr appt …FAIL (although scheduled it on Tue…close)
  • Make copies of those ID documents and mail back to the investment company …FAIL
  • Vacuum …SUCCESS I
  • Clothes laundry …SUCCESS I
  • Study French …SUCCESS I

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