Comic: Child HATES COOKING (Comic#039)

I have to COOK

I have to COOK

True stories.

I learned early on that cooking was a horrible, horrible burden. My mom never meant it to seem that way. But from my eyes, it was like she was chained to the kitchen while the rest of us relaxed and goofed off. We unwound and were enterained while she worked and slaved in the kitchen. It didn’t seem fair or right to me at all.

I vowed to myself that I would NEVER. NEVER be in that position. I would NEVER cook.

In adult life, I find this affects me in more ways than my resentment toward cooking. I also find that if someone else is doing chores, I cannot relax or be idle (except when I am COMPLETELY exhausted). If one person is doing chores, then we are all doing chores. If you are cooking, then I will clean the counters, or do the dishes, or sweep, or put things away. I will not be idle when you are working on house chores. And I mostly will not do chores if you are goofing off — I’ll wait to do mine when you are also doing chores. It motivates and drives me.


3 thoughts on “Comic: Child HATES COOKING (Comic#039)

  1. It’s a good perspective to share chores – and expect joint chores to be shared. But perhaps for your mom – as it is for many mothers, it seems, cooking and feeding your offspring is your way of showing your love for them, even if they don’t see it that way. Or perhaps it was your Mom’s favorite thing to do and she saw cooking time as her hobby time – away from childcare!


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