Log May 13 + 14 (Wed + Thu) Chores I am good at; chores I avoid

May 13 (Wed): Work 9:30a – 5:30p; Music night w/Peter 6:45p

May 14 (Thu): Work 9:30a – 5:30p; Dinner at Peter’s place 7p


View of water during my bike ride

View of water during my bike ride

I’m too tired to tell the UPS story right now, but it’s now 4 days long and ended with me bicycling 16 miles to go get it from them myself. I might be a bit more cranky because I’m sore after having a little spill on some concrete (completely unnecessary fall; just misjudged something).

Nobody’s at the office today. I feel like leaving, although I have another half hour. I guess I’ll take out the trash (needed) and then I could vacuum a little bit. I just want to leave. I have things to be doing.

Mostly I want to go to the Post Office and pick up a package that my mom sent me. Meanwhile, I keep calling two different post offices to set up a Passport appointment, but neither will answer their phone. It’s been two days. I guess I have to find my way there in person to set up the appointment. Then why does the paperwork and websites and such say I can call to make an appointment? Liars.

Heh, I’m crabby! My body is very sore. It wasn’t a bad fall; I’m just sore. My watch has some blood on it that I should probably clean off. OMG is it nap time??? Okay okay, I’ll settle down and log.

Log: Wednesday: Woke up at Peter’s place. Lovely. I don’t recall the work day. I got off an hour late, waiting for UPS to arrive, as the driver had told me over the telephone, but he never arrived so I finally called them again and left. Meanwhile, Peter got another ingredient and made dinner for us. So delicious; he’s such an amazing cook. Then we practiced music. Awesome. It was fun. We went to bed pretty early and I took some clonazepam this time, since I’d had such terrible insomnia the night before. If that’s not on the Tuesday log, it should be. I’ll go add it and come back to this. BRB

Okay, I am back. So Wednesday. Work. Music practice. Sleep early.

Thursday: Woke up at Peter’s place. Yay. Got up, showered, he made breakfast and I made myself PBJs for lunch. (He doesn’t need lunches made because of the way his work is set up.) Work today. Half the time was spent trying to get the UPS package. Well, I didn’t know I could bike 16 miles with hardly a break, so yay me. Pretty damn cool.

Tonight, I don’t yet know what I want to accomplish. I’m going to go back to Peter’s. I’m going to finish the sweeping I started last night while he was finishing cooking dinner. I want to be productive when he is, you know? Unevenness, in my experience, can build to some resentment, which I’d like to avoid. I don’t have the same skill range as him, what with the cooking and even the cleaning of the heavy pans, but I am good at other things so I want to bring those to the table, so to speak. Sweeping + vacuuming are my #1’s. Putting away clean dishes is a #2. Cleaning mirrors and windows are my #3’s. Putting things away if I know precisely where they are supposed to go is my #4. Keeping a sink area clean and tidy is a #5. I can do toilets pretty well, but I hate every second of it. I do it the OCD way, which could be a nice future blog post, and would explain why I hate it so much. Mowing a lawn isn’t applicable here. Tending to indoor plants is a favorite of mine but also, not presently applicable. Tending to my pets, not applicable here & now. Oh, I’m great at keeping up with laundry now! (I was horrible at that as a child.)

So the chores I either avoid or loathe are all the ones that can be quite complex-and-multi-step (such as cooking) and things that use a lot of physical strength (such as scrubbing heavy pots, or carrying heavy, wet clothes outside to be hung to dry). I also avoid ones that affect my wet/dry status. If something is going to get my skin wet, I’m going to avoid it. Such as cleaning the shower. The way I do it, my wrists will almost certainly get wet. Even if I use long gloves, water seems to always drain down them. There must be a better technique. There is also the avoidance of chores that involve “contaminants” such as cleaning the toilet bowl or cleaning a shower or ceiling that might have mildew starting. Or a window sill that stays too damp and molds. I HATE cleaning those. But I am good at it.

Indoor pet accidents are hard for me to clean up because I will gag from the odor. If I wear gloves and a mask, to feel more distant, I can do it. Day’s Mood Ranking: 4.5-5.5

Okay, I’m going to go and take out the garbage now. Oh! I’m good at keeping up with taking out the garbage and such! But first, my list for today:

Dinner Plan:
*Complete Protein: tofu? …ALTERED (sausage + quinoa)
*Non-starchy Vegetable(s): green beans …ADDED TO (also onion, bell pepper, sauerkraut)
*Other: …ADDED TO (tea)

To Buy:
*Vegetable peeler (but will I get the straight or the Y shape?)

To Do:
*Any time: At least 2 Accounting lectures …SUCCESS
*Any time: Apply for Music Workshop scholarship
*Any time: Write and send thank you letter to my aunt & grandma

*After work: Make a bunch of PBJs and bring to work + freeze

Update for the rest of the evening: We ended up cooking (he cooked; I made the quinoa), I finished sweeping, he practiced piano, I got ready for bed, we watched a movie on his laptop called “The Awful Truth”. Bed too late.


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