Log: May 7 + 8 (Thu + Fri) Happy

May 7 (Thu): Work 9:30a – 5:30p; Go to my uncle’s after work

May 8 (Fri): Work 9:30a – 4:00p; Haircut 5p – 6p; Pharmacy 6:45p; “Peter” will help me with some sales items 7:30p

Peaceful evening

Peaceful evening

On Thursday, I decided I was too tired. I was going to go to my uncle’s and stay the night there. And I wanted to spend some quality time with my uncle, because it has been quite a while since we’ve talked.

I biked home from work and felt infinitely better again. I love that bike ride. Got home. Spoke with my uncle for all of 30 seconds when he started trying to convince me to dump “Peter” and “throw that fish back” and find new fish in the sea. (Um, why?)

Maybe it’s his way of saying he misses me. ? 🙂

Anyway, so then I laid down on my bed for a while, in the silence, just laying there. It was lovely. Then I got up, made myself some tuna salad, snarfed it down and ran out to meet “Peter” for an icecream. (What? 🙂 ) Then we chatted for a long while outside of the icecream shop.

We parted ways, him back to his city and me to my aunt & uncle’s house. They were already asleep by the time I returned, so I quietly entered and… then chatted on the phone with my mom for about an hour. We laughed so hard. I got to tell her all about the train issues the other day, which were pretty funny but would take too long to explain here. So, I did not get to sleep early, but I slept very well.

Friday! I got up early to meet “Peter” for breakfast at work! Crazy and awesome, I know. But it sure motivated me to get out of bed and onto my bike this morning! I had a lovely ride to work and somehow hit a lot of green lights. I was sweating by the time I arrived. Anyway, “Peter” and I had the leftover quinoa + cinnamon applesauce for breakfast, and the free coffee from down the street, and I bought more grounds for work and brought my coworkers back some coffee.

Then “Peter” left for his city (he took today as a vacation day to get some rest). He thinks he’ll probably do a lot of work from home anyway. Y’all probably don’t care to know that but I wrote it anyway, for my own sake. (Random note: It is amazingly hard to use the fake name. I fear I will use the real name accidentally one of these days.)

I’m at work and I’ve been busy and productive all day. I’m feeling great. Still so much more on my to-do lists, but I feel like I’m working toward them, slowly. Mood Ranking for Thu + Fri: 4.5 – 5.5 – 6

Update: I must have met w/ Peter after work, but how? Where? What did we eat for dinner? We had planned on heading back to his city but it got late so we stayed at my aunt + uncle’s house. Oh! We were filling out my passport paperwork! That’s how it got late and we hadn’t left yet.

One thought on “Log: May 7 + 8 (Thu + Fri) Happy

  1. You might accidentally write the real name but try not to have anxiety over it. You would quickly realize that you did and be able to edit it. You would skim the post and the name would jump out at you.
    Even if it fell through all the cracks, one of us would let you know so that you could edit the post.
    The first name would not mean anything to anyone anyway. As long as you edited it before Peter read your blog..or does he read it ?
    I have felt your fear of typing the name wrong for a while now…I think it would be less damaging than it feels like to you. You would feel it was a privacy violation but no one who would know him, would read the post.
    Don’t worry…


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