Accounting Courses

So it’s also time to begin a page dedicated to my Accounting notes. There is only one way this can become reality. I have to remember why I am doing this. It has to be visible. I have to actually record something for it periodically.

There has to be something here for the many, many moments when I will stop and ask myself, “Is this really what I’m doing?”

Right now, I’m studying:

  • Accounting and Financial Statements
    •  Cash versus accrual accounting
      • Cash accounting (these income statements record exactly what you spent in cash that month, and exactly what you earned in cash that month. It doesn’t care about IOU’s or anything else. Just exactly what came in and exactly what went out that exact month. This is mostly how I do my own budgeting, so this one makes a lot of sense to me.)
      • Accrual basis of accounting
      • Comparing accrual and cash accounting

UPDATE: I had posted this in the wrong spot. This is a fake. The REAL one is up in the upper menu area of my blog, next to the “About” and all that.


2 thoughts on “Accounting Courses

  1. Oh I remember studying this about 15 years ago. Accounting had always been an utter mystery to me. That double entry thing. Still doesn’t make a lot of sense. I rarely have ious so cash accounting has always made sense for my business.

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