Log: Apr 30 (Thu) and Random List

Apr 30 (Thu): Work 10:0a – 5:30p, Film Festival w/”Peter”

It’s funny that I thought yesterday was the 30th all day. I thought today was the start of May — hence my hurry to bring food for lunch today.

But, I succeeded and did not spend any money on lunch today. THANK. GAWD.

“Peter” had the thought that some of my blood sugar issues are likely related to my lack of making myself eat lunch at a regular time. There are days when I don’t eat lunch until 3 or 4p, for example. So even though I’ve nibbled on some snacks in the meanwhile, it has probably been making things worse that I’ve been putting off lunch for so many hours. I’m going to be more careful about that now, just in case. I even have a daily alarm set for it.

I’ve been productive at work today as far as helping out with the meeting and running some errands for the people involved. When I got lunch for everybody, the restaurant wasn’t answering their telephone, so I placed the order in person and sat in the sun, reading a book, for 30 minutes as the order got made. It was wonderful outside.

Now I feel compelled to make a list, although the content of the upcoming list is unknown to me as of yet. I just feel scattered and like making a list would help me to organize my thoughts.


  • Items to purchase, personal and work
  • Schools to look up, or apply for the college that is a bit distant
  • Look up apartments for summer
  • My pony. WTF to do with my pony. How can I afford to bring my pony down here, when I am considering schooling and apartments. How can I find a location for her and be able to get to her at least 3x per week. Do I want to add those allergies back into my life?
  • My interest in horses has been returning. Not that it ever went away, but a lot of my interests were on mute when I first came here after my divorce
  • Even so, there are cheaper ways to get my horse fix than by owning one myself
  • Selling her is SO complicated because of my purchase contract (previous owner has first dibs on buy back, but that is a LONG, LONG and depressing story, RIP Ree ❤ )
  • Complicated.
  • Books to read. I’m in the middle of two different Miss Manners books (because one is here at work and I started it during lunch today, and the other I left at “Peter’s” place for the moment). I’m also in the middle of my super interesting audiobook titled, “How We Decide”. Fascinating information. I am SO glad I’m reading it.
  • Many movies on my “to watch someday” list. Some music, too. Some television shows, too. Not sure this could all ever happen; I’m rarely, rarely in front of a TV/video screen.

Will add on later, as it strikes me. Today’s Mood Ranking (subject to change): 4-5


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