Log: Apr 28 (Tue) And thoughts on getting into shape

Apr 28 (Tue): Therapy 8:30a, Work 10:30a – 5:30p, Visit with Shelly either for lunch or after work (RAIN CHECK), Music Night w/ “Peter” 6:45p

Flower this morning

Flower this morning

I got up in time this morning but took too long gathering all of my belongings for tonight, so I was late to therapy anyway. I bicycled to work and my legs didn’t feel quite as exhausted as they had yesterday. I’ve been thinking about this. I’m currently in the 2nd-best shape I’ve ever been in in my life. Cardiovascular-wise, I’m probably at my best ever. But I will need to begin crunches and push-ups to reach #1 overall (otherwise, the year I did Tae Kwon Do, just before getting married, is still the current #1).

This isn’t saying much. In high school:

  • I was unable to lift a milk carton with one arm.
  • I was unable to stand on the ball of one foot at a time.
  • I sometimes collapsed in exhaustion at the top of a single flight of stairs
  • Etc.

So one of my goals is to get into the best shape of my life. I’m almost there.

Anyway, so at work today, I’ve had several tasks and completed them. I suppose I should vacuum again. I did the dishes, I’ll take out the garbage. I didn’t do lunch with Shelly today; she had to be elsewhere. And I decided to go to Music Practice after work (I took an hour to decide when “Peter” invited me yesterday. I want to be careful with boundaries and what not. And I’m seeing him again on Wednesday for a Film we chose from the Film Festival. I still like him a lot; I don’t want to be in his space “too much”. I have some low self-esteem about that; I expect people to get annoyed with me and dislike me more and more, the more time they spend with me. But it hasn’t happened yet, anyway. And I was perfectly annoying with him yesterday regarding some fridge OCD stuff that came up; he didn’t even flicker annoyance. I’m kind of amazed. Everyone flickers annoyance. Well, we’ll see.

UPDATE: So after work, I met “Peter” and we ate dinner out. It got late but we practiced music until just before 10p. We were up pretty late waiting for a load of laundry to finish.

Today’s Mood Ranking (could still change): 5 – 5.8


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