Poem. Let’s get random. Doggy love.

This is clonazepam-inspired. It hit hard because I haven’t taken it in a long time. I can only open one eye right now and everything is quite floaty.

And I feel a tension leaving me that I didn’t realize was there.

Playing with sock toy

Playing with sock toy

I need to shake this off.
Like a dog shedding water
Twist and whirl away the droplets

Shake to the tip of your tail
And gaze up happily at me
Look me in the eye and waggle your whole, wound-up body.

Then tense. Look off. Uncoiled spring of energy headed all around the house
Full speed, scampering and scrambling across hard, wooden floors, turning corners too tightly
and tearing off 180° back the way you came.

You are joy. You are heart. You are excitement. You are comedy. You are love.

You hop your way to the toy bin and grab a folded pair of socks, run about with your prize
Shake it and snap its neck. It’s dead. One sock goes flying the other way.

You drop it and sprint off in another direction, with an energy that cannot die, cannot fade, will stay in this very moment of time forever.

I love you.


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