Log: April Fools (Wed)

Apr 1 (Wed): Work 1:30a – 5:30p, REST (“Peter” might stop by briefly)

Flower from today

Flower from today

I’m writing this from the following day, so I’m having a bit of a stall-out. What did I do on the 1st? I slept poorly — was up coughing much of the night. I went to work very late, to allow for whatever sleep my body would take. I HAD to go in; a coworker needed me to complete one of the figures for his report that needed to be turned in ASAP. I finished it, fixed the tiny thing he’d needed fixed, and then soonafter headed back home.

I did not have any events I’d need to omit mentioning for emetophobics. I coughed a lot, but it didn’t get that far, thankfully. I did schedule a doctor appt for the 2nd. Because I HAVE to be healthy by Saturday!!! (And preferably by Friday!!!)

I tidied up my bedroom. I ordered some food from a Thai restaurant for “Peter” and me (my aunt and uncle declined). He picked it up on his way over from work, and we ate it here at my aunt & uncle’s house. I had the soup that I’d been craving for a while.

My uncle drove the three of us to the grocery store I’d asked him for a ride to earlier in the day. “Peter” helped me to gather the random things I was there to get — honey, ginger, guaifenesin, and tissues. Then I needed some toilet paper and some laundry detergent. My uncle got the dog food and whatever else was on his list. I didn’t have any coughing attacks in the store (-yay-). We got it all put away. And I got to make my ginger-lemon-honey tea that my brother’s previous gf, from Peru, had taught me how to make. It’s soooooo good and all of those fresh ingredients can’t hurt (and supposedly have some helpful properties, to boot).

Mmmm ginger-lemon-honey tea. So good. I’m drinking more right now. Basically, I’ll be drinking this from now until this damn bug goes away. Anyway, so it got late and “Peter” asked to stay the night so he could leave bright and early in the morning for work. (I can’t personally grant permission; I’m just a guest. But I was too chicken to go up and ask. We went to bed quite early so I don’t think we bothered anybody, except for my random coughing.) I was pretty surprised  because he knows I was up all night coughing the night before and probably would be again. And it’s true, I was literally awake the ENTIRE night last night. NO. SLEEP. Just a lot of random bouts of coughing (mostly productive) and I only panicked twice (when coughing and my sinuses are completely blocked, I feel that it will never end and I will just cough forever or until I [omitted]. Or my eyeballs pop out. Something.

I’m cutting the rest to post in Apr 2. Today’s Mood Ranking: 5-6 (I’m not sure which was more dominant)


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