Log: Mar 30 (Mon)

Mar 30 (Mon): Work 12:00p – 5:30p, [Canceled dinner & Meditation center movie night plans due to exhaustion/being VERY SICK yet again]

Trees from a previous hike

Trees from a previous hike

So today has been rough. I woke up very sick. My sinuses and my lungs seemed nearly infected. I coughed so hard at work, I actually [omitted for those with emetophobia]. I stayed at work anyway. But here’s why: 1) My uncle/boss knew I “played” all weekend. So an absence would have looked really bad. 2) I had a specific task I need to do for one of the employees. I got half of it done today, but I will have to finish the second half tomorrow. There’s really no excuse for not having finished it all today; it shouldn’t have taken more than a couple of hours.

I’m actually considering going to a particular Thai restaurant on the way home and buying a bowl of their Tom Kha Gai soup for my dinner. Doesn’t that sound really good when you’re sick? I know I’ve blown my restaurant budget out of the water this month, but I might go buy a bowl of that soup anyway. Technically speaking, my budget can handle it due to the insurance reimbursements that came in this month. But I’ve got to plan my meals better in the future. This is ridiculous.

So I did not go to the restaurant because it was closed today. Instead I went to the pharmacy for cough drops and pseudoephedrine, and then the grocery store where I bought coconut milk and some pre-cooked chicken and some other things. So I at least heated up the coconut milk, added lots of extra water (didn’t realize the coconut milk would need to be watered down), and the chicken, and some lime juice. Ate that with some leftover brown rice. I had other stuff from the store so I wouldn’t be hungry while cooking. So I was able to rest a while before making this soup. I’m sure it was bland by most people’s standards and certainly had little extra nutrients in it, but I liked it. I could have added carrots or bell peppers but it just didn’t sound good. I’d have added mushrooms if I’d have thought to buy some.

The soup mentioned in this post

The soup mentioned in this post

What’s pretty damn awesome is that my MATTRESS PROTECTOR arrived today!!!! I’m washing/drying it right now and then will put it on the bed! At long, long, long last, I won’t have to be anxious all of the time about the possibility of peeing in my sleep. Also, this should keep my allergies more at bay — I’m highly allergic to this bamboo mattress (probably since my sometimes-extreme sweat and also some urine has, in my own theory, caused some mold growth). I cannot lay down on this bed without my nose swelling shut. Anyway, I got this and the anti-allergen pillow case and hopefully my nose will stand a chance now. I’ll sign off for now. Today’s mood was pretty damn neutral, and my whole body has been screaming at me due to this illness. I’m very worried about healing in time for my upcoming bicycle trip with friends and family!!!!! I know that I need to take it easy between now and then, but it’s so hard to decline offers. I don’t WANT to cancel Music Practice tomorrow. I KNOW that I should. Instead, I said I’d see how I feel tomorrow and that if I do make it, I need to be in bed by 9p, which he said sounded good. I KNOW I should just cancel altogether but OMG I don’t want to. I KNOW that I should. I KNOW it. OMG I have to cancel. But will I? I can’t heal if I stay the night with him tomorrow night. His roommate has 2 cats and my allergies will prevent my body from healing at all. I know this from many years of experience. My body will not heal when allergens are high. But will I cancel? I don’t promise it. I’ll consider. Perhaps I’ll be miraculously health when I wake up tomorrow. I’ve taken some cold/sleep medicine already for tonight but I just keep coughing. Breathing at all is tickling my throat. But I’m going to try sleeping now. Goodnight, all. Today’s Mood Ranking: 5-6


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