Log: Mar 28 (Sat)

Mar 28 (Sat): SLEEP IN; clean the upstairs; 3p @BBQ in the afternoon (my aunt and some of her friends, my uncle, my brother & his gf and two of his friends, and “Peter”–my uncle invited him)

Big slug from a previous hike

Big slug from a previous hike

I woke up very sick today. One of my eyes was half-sealed shut by eye crud. My sinuses felt infected and hence my throat is sore. My lungs are affected. Maybe I had a small fever, who knows. So I got up and took a long, hot shower and a lot of the crud broke up, so that was both satisfying and gross. 🙂 I took a while over breakfast: I had the rest of the soup I’d made, and a lot of tea that claimed to be good at soothing sore throats (honey and something, I forget now). I lingered over it for a long time.

Then I vacuumed the main floor, both stairs, the upstairs, and most of the downstairs. My brother and his gf have arrived already. He says I look terrible and he’s scared of getting sick. I’ve been super careful to wash my hands any time I blow my nose and whatnot, but he’s right to be worried. I’m definitely contagious. “Peter” is still planning on coming anyway. I don’t know him well enough to know how he views illness. For MYSELF, I never care about illness during the infatuation stage. I caught the first of these damn bugs completely knowingly — it was the first time I stayed the night with “Peter”, after one of our music practices. He was very ill and I didn’t give a damn. We even kissed, and his nose was running snot at the time. This is what the infatuation stage does for me. In REAL life, once this stage wears off, I’ll stay far away from him when he’s sick. That’s real life. This is not; this is infatuation stage and it’s a glorious stage. lol But with him, I don’t yet know. Is he coming because he’s affected by the infatuation stage too, or does he never care that much about exposure to germs? I’m not going to ask; I’m just going to go with it. My mood is fine in spite of the physical illness. I have NO energy today; I got kind of tired just walking out to the garbage bin earlier.

Oh hey! I peed in my sleep again last night. So I’ve got laundry going ALLLL day today (it soaked everything). I never even wondered if I was dreaming or not. The dream was at my maternal grandma’s house, which she hasn’t owned in over 7 years, and this room, that of course looked nothing like her old place, had five toilets. I believe that I peed in all five of them, in the dream. This part is funny to me: It was really hard to pee into one of them; I had to really, really force myself to pee. Of course, now that I’m awake and can think back on it, that was obviously my body’s last ditch effort to send the “DON’T PEE!” signals to me. It failed. I woke up some time in the night/morning and knew the bed was soaked and didn’t care enough to even move. I just fell back asleep and slept in it. I was soooo tired!!! So yeah, the long, hot shower felt pretty damn good this morning. And now 100% of all bedding is getting washed AND I’m going to order the expense mattress protector TODAY (as soon as I’m done typing this, in fact), even though these aren’t my beds and I can’t know the future to know if a mattress protector I buy today will fit onto my future bed. But it’s necessary. I soaked a freaking down comforter last night! Which I’m highly allergic to, btw. I’m allergic to all parts of these beds. The rotting bamboo mattresses (rotting now because I sweat so much in my sleep, they get soaked sometimes; not to mention the sometimes pee), the thick, woolly mattress pad (god, talk about dust mites!!@#$), the down comforter (I’m highly allergic to feathers), and the pillows themselves have feathers coming out. It’s horrible. I can’t breathe through my nose at night. I think the mouth-breathing probably doesn’t help my tongue issue, and I’m damn sure it doesn’t help my sinuses that keep getting ill lately. SO. I’m going to spend the money and get some bed stuff that will be easier on my allergies.

I have now purchased what seems to be a good mattress protector AND a pillow case that will prevent my allergies, hopefully. And altogether, it cost about $50!!! I was expecting the good mattress protector to be around $300. That’s why I was putting off buying one!!!!! Man I should have done this MONTHS ago.

Update: “Peter” came to the dinner party and everything seemed to go really well. Dinner was amazing. The company were all SO nice and funny. Everything went smoothly. “Peter” stayed the night. It hadn’t been planned but I was glad. Today’s Mood Ranking: 6-7

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