Squirrel looking up at "Peter"

Squirrel looking up at “Peter”

Holy crap. So I had written to “Peter” earlier today to get more clarification on our relationship; I just wanted to touch base and let him know how I was thinking about things on my end and to find out how he was thinking of things on his end.

I basically let him know that I like him a lot and would be interested in trying exclusive/committed dating with him. But that it was my understanding (having not checked in with him for a while on the topic) that he was still seeing other people and that I would continue to do the same, and am having fun. Except, I also pointed out that I had stopped being physically intimate with anybody else since I started dating him, although was not expecting or asking for the same; more just letting him know how I felt. But to let me know if he wanted to try the exclusive thing (I worded it better in the email. I’m trying to be quite brief right now). Anyway, I can’t believe it, but he wrote back tonight saying that the last time he went out on a date, he actually felt awkward to be dating someone new; that basically without realizing it, he was already emotionally committed to dating me. So he said he is game to try it officially. So we’re going to + I can’t believe how exciting that is for me.

So oh my fucking god that is so exciting. I’m glad I had already taken some clonazepam about 20 minutes before I read that email because I’m so excited (and terrified of future rejection) that there’s no way I’d be able to fall asleep otherwise.

I’m going to shut off + listen to some CALMING music for a bit. Read some Calvin & Hobbs. And then SLEEP. ❤ (So excited)

So yeah, tomorrow I have to cancel next Monday’s date with “Bob”. Too bad; he was going to attend the Meditation movie event with me. lol


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