Log: Mar 26 (Thu)

Mar 26 (Thu): Work 10:30a – 5:30p, Meet “Bob” for the first time 1:15p @cafe

The soup mentioned in this post

The soup mentioned in this post

Today is going all right so far. I did take far too long at my lunch date with “Bob”. He is very, very nice. He and his friends sometimes have creative jam sessions — one guy plays instruments. “Bob” himself draws or paints during them. It sounds so cool. Maybe if I get to know him better, I will join one of these creative sessions.

When I first woke up and before I started to get ready for the day, my mood was lower & I experienced some anxiety. So I’m placing 5 as today’s minimum mood due to that half hour.

After work, I picked up some groceries with the idea of adding an egg to hot water and drinking it. It was inspired by something that “Peter” says will happen when you add egg to boiling water. And it sounded like a do-able meal. My uncle had bought eggs already. So I bought an onion, a bag of carrots, a bag of small, red potatoes, 2 bell peppers, and some chicken-apple sausage. And some avocados. And a dark chocolate bar with hazelnuts because I had an intense chocolate craving earlier in the day. That’s just random info + has nothing to do with my soup.

Anyway, I ended up boiling water, adding half the bag of carrots and the entire onion, and then cubing all of the potatoes and half a bell pepper and 2 of the sausages into the water. I added some lemon juice. When I stirred it, the potatoes were soft enough that some of them mashed and formed a thick broth for the soup. I don’t know how to season so it was quite bland in that way, but I did add a bit of salt and way too little of a few other things. I liked it. I cannot believe I cooked and it took me less than an hour. There is a reason ‘I don’t cook’ but whatever happened tonight, it actually worked. My uncle did scold me for making too much; to just cook in small batches, not a whole pot, because we are near a grocery store and I could always just buy more and where are we going to store it… But anyway, I’m going to go back up and make sure it is put away (I left it out for if my aunt wanted some when she got home from work late tonight). Otherwise, I’m 100% set for bed and will go straight to sleep after this. P.S. Did anybody notice that I completely forgot the whole point of the boiling water? — no egg! Haha. | I’m sure glad I went and checked! The soup had been left out. I would have been SO upset if I got up tomorrow and the had to trash the entire soup!!! Whewph. Now I have such exciting news, I am going to put it into a post. So much for an early bedtime tonight. 😥 Today’s Mood Ranking: 5-7


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