Log: Mar 25 (Wed)

Mar 25 (Wed): Work 9:00a – 11:45a, Psychiatrist 12:45p, Work 2:30p – 5:30p

One of "Peter"'s roommate's cats

One of “Peter”‘s roommate’s cats

It’s been a very good day. Helped “Peter” cook breakfast. Showered. Made it to work on time; met with TaskRabbit and started to sign up for a community college Accounting program; was productive at work; bicycled to my psychiatrist.

I will log my moods for her and assumedly see if a pattern emerges. I haven’t crashed since my good mood came in however long ago this hit, so we are going to wait and see if can manage it through eating better every day, and making sure I sleep each night, even if that means using more sleep medicine than usual (I usually only use sleep medicine a handful of times per month). I’m to keep cancelling things when I am sick or too tired and set better boundaries that way. I’m to make sure I don’t take on too much, like is my tendency when I’m feeling good.

I bicycled back to work. I will bike straight home after work and I’ll go to bed EARLY (by 9p). You guys may have noticed I haven’t been online very much lately. Right now, it’s because I’m feeling good so the urge isn’t there. Today’s Mood Ranking: 6-7


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