Poem: Un-Attach

I kiss you on the cheek and squeeze your hand for several seconds.
Then I let it go and step away from you.

I turn and walk toward the edge of the bluff.
Around me, the wind plays gently with wild flowers and grasses.
Some loose dirt swirls around my feet playfully.

I reach the edge and stand for a moment, with my eyes closed and my face tilted upward.
I feel the warmth of the sun on my skin and clothes.
I hear the gulls and the grasses.

I could turn to see you one last time, but I feel you there.
My heart bids you a silent farewell,
and knows your life will go on happily.

I raise my arms to the sun and smile.
My leg muscles tense in preparation to spring forward.


*(To the reader: this is not intended as suicide ideation. This is me working to sever an emotional attachment through writing.)


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