Contemplating theories for my in-sleep peeing.

TMI: -cut for possible TMI-

I’ve only skimmed some online information but it made me think, and I wanted to write this down before I forget my current theories.

  1. I’ve previously heard that the reason people don’t typically pee in their sleep is that their body detects the wetness as it starts to come out, and that sends signals up to stop. If this is correct, then my theory is for my skin issues. I get a specific skin issue down there. I had to have it biopsied some years ago. It turned out to be basically a sister to eczema. Although I forget the specific name, it is treated exactly the same way as eczema and goes away again. The skin issue causes “lichenification” of the skin. Exercise makes it flare up again. So long walks, bicycling, etc. all trigger this sister-to-eczema. The cream is the same used to treat the eczema I get on my fingers and wrists. The cream itself is known to cause some long-term problems like thin skin. Surely all of this alone could be a cause for lack of sensitivity to urine?
  2. It sounds like blood sugar issues can cause this. But I gather it’s from problems with hyperglycemia, not hypoglycemia. (Ironically, sometimes I cannot tell if I have peed in my sleep or not, because the amount I sweat on some nights completely soaks my blankets. The latter is blood sugar related–hypoglycemia during sleep causes the night sweats.
  3. Well, I had a 3rd theory but have already forgotten it. At least I got the first 2 down.

I’m a little afraid to go to sleep tonight because I’m sure it’s going to happen again. I think I need to invest in adult diapers. Oh hey! I just remembered the 3rd theory!

3. Dammit, I forgot again.

Oh yeah! Sleep!

3. Sometimes my sleep gets so screwed up I end up sleeping really deeply, like sleeping straight through alarm clocks and such. It probably shouldn’t surprise me that I could also sleep through peeing.

4. I just read that constipation can cause it too. I don’t really get constipation (I have the opposite problem), but I do get intense stomach aches and major amounts of gas. Maybe that would cause it too?


4 thoughts on “Contemplating theories for my in-sleep peeing.

    • Topamax did it to me. It never happened when I was asleep, but one day I was walking my dog and I peed my pants but didn’t ever feel like I was peeing. There’s a word for that type of incontinence but I have forgotten it. Once I lowered topamax I got better, but I wore adult diapers for about two weeks to be safe. The side effects are criminal!!!

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      • Wow, I would definitely not appreciate that as a side effect. Thanks for sharing — it’s nice to know I’m not the only one who’s had this kind of issue before.


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