How the hell am I going to get to work by 8 am tomorrow? 8 am there. 7:20ish for train. 7:00ish leave house. 6:40 get up? That’s in a handful of hours. I slept for most of today, though. I don’t have a lot to say right now. I’m too anxious about getting up soon and making it on time.

My company is moving to a new city tomorrow, you see. Well, goodnight.

UPDATE: Well both of my alarms failed me this morning. Somehow my light alarm got set to FM radio instead of the usual loud birds. That means gentle static that I slept straight through. And my heavy duty alarm, I set the Alarm 1 last night, but I forgot you have to also flip the switch to an audio and/or vibrate setting. So nothing happened at the pre-determined time. Nothing.

How I woke up at 7:40am is basically a miracle.  I made it upstairs, didn’t eat or anything, asked my uncle to drive me to train platform, he said no he’s leaving now to get to the new location to meet the landlord for a set of keys. I’m like, trying to stay calm and not sure if I admit my fuck up and that I will miss the moving company if he doesn’t drive me to the train, but also I don’t want to tell him the urgency or he’s be justified in really getting mad at me for fucking up the single most important day of my working there.

So I stayed calm and asked if he could get me partway. He agreed. Then the moving company called and said they were 15 min away. I told them where the parking signs for them were located but that I’d be arriving at least a few minutes later than them.

My uncle dropped me right across from the trains, I got on board, and it was announced that the whole system relevant to me is experiencing delays all the way.

Ah, shit. Indeed, we are stopped again right now.


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