Stim Toys!

I didn’t know there were actual stim toys available for sale! -Cut for length-

This necklace looks divine; the gear SPINS!

I don’t have a picture of what I often keep in my pants pocket — it’s just a soft, synthetic fuzzy tag that I cut off of a stuffed animal or something. But both sides of the tag are soft and fuzzy. Usually I just end up playing with whatever is front of me anyway, like zippers, clips, whatever.

Highlighters that have the texture and stackability of *Legos*??

This cool metal clanky thing with color and bands? It looks like it would be a nice, hefty weight, too.

Okay, I’m done with my search. I’m kind of surprised at the lack of variety I found in my searching just now. But I guess part of what would impress me is more than just the sake of having something to “play” with in my hands (some of the ones available are also for chewers). But I’m not impressed with the textures available, or maybe I was missing something when I searched.

I need a variety of textures. Sometimes I carry the soft fuzzy tag, but then there are times when I need a rough, almost painful texture to touch. I wear fake jeans (they look like jeans but aren’t really), so rubbing my hands on my jeans is not enough sensory input. I can try on certain sofa materials but usually that is not enough, either. Some floors are quite rough and work. Sand paper doesn’t hold still so that wouldn’t help. Most plastics just feel *yuck* to touch, for me personally, so a lot of these stim toys don’t look at all inviting for me. Most metals are good. But I definitely think they’re missing something as far as fabric possibilities and more. But what I’m thinking is maybe I am mixing up two different needs in what I would personally want in a stim toy. I do approve of the three I’ve posted here (except for the ‘chain’ on the necklace — *cringe* that looks uncomfortable!!!). The texture of those highlighters would be awesome.

2 thoughts on “Stim Toys!

  1. I used to work at a Children’s Museum. We had a catalog of toys/products for folks with special needs, including toys for the autistic kids – we had a variety of kids come n field trips.
    Another idea I had, though it wouldn’t offer anything that would cause pain (I know that need) would be in baby toys. There are teethers and manipulatives that offer a variety of textures all on one toy. Just a thought.

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